Good News for Shanny Fans

Did I call it? Of course, I did.

Shanny’s agent has announced that Brendan will return for another season. He is not talking to any teams at the moment, but will be soon.

Tom Gulitti (The Bergen Record) reports:

SHANNY WILL PLAY: Brendan Shanahan’s agent, Rick Curran, told The Record that the 40-year-old winger has decided against retiring and intends to play a 23rd NHL season. He is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1, however, and has yet to have any contract talks with the Devils.

From the way it looks, his backup is the New Jersey Devils because it’s apparent that Lou is going to offer a contract to him if he wants one. I hope you noticed the word ‘backup’ there.

Something tells me that Brendan’s going to have his agent talk to the Rangers first. If Brendan reads this…I would strongly advise against that. Do you want one last Cup or not? Rangers have already cursed themselves of never obtaining another Cup for a few more decades. We call this BAD KARMA. They’ve generated enough of it.

For someone who believes in fate, you have to believe in karma, too. The good and the bad of it. Plus, with the potential salary cap issues they’re going to have, you’re better off not even wasting your energy on them. Chris Chelios has a better chance of becoming a New York Ranger (note severe sarcasm).

Wait and see who the new coach is with the Devils. If you believe this coach will push the Devils into the Finals, then sign with the Devils.

But absolutely DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THE RANGERS. I’m not speaking from a disgruntled former fan point of view (you can blame Darius Kasparaitis for dissuading me from the Rangers…and Brendan, of all people, should know what he went through. He was the first person that called him when he was first demoted. That meant the world to him and he barely even knew Shanny.).

And another problem that is cropping up…Mats Sundin.

Sundin doesn’t know if he’s going to play again next season, but if he does decide to play, there is a potential conflict with every team in the league except ONE.

This is the potential conflict

I spoke with Mats’ agent last week and we discussed this potential conflict. He told me that Mats signed on to do this contest with his sponsor ( long before he had made a decision that he was going to return to play hockey in 2008-2009.

Mats is a UFA on July 1. If he decides to return to play, he would have to become a NYR so that this contract (which he has every intention of honoring) would not be a conflict of interest. If he retires, or doesn’t return to play for a team by the time the contest takes place, then he’s ok.

So for the Rangers…if you really want Mats in New York, your chances are #1 on the list. So start talking to his agent to convince Mats to play next year.

So how does this effect Shanny? I believe if Mats went to New York, Shanny doesn’t have a chance in hell of ever wearing Rangers Blue next season. Better opt for the Devils red.

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