Spotted on Park Avenue, New York City. Brendan Shanahan.

After announcing his desire to not retire this coming season, Mr. Shanahan finds himself still without a team or a contract. Six of his Devils teammates have already jumped ship since losing to the Carolina Hurricanes in the first round of the Playoffs.

Since then, only a few players have been re-signed and a Finnish player that is embarrassingly enough considered a laughing stock in Finland (believe me…they’re laughing) have been signed before him…even though the Devils GM reports that he wants to re-sign Shanny.

Talks are abounding that the reason why Shanny is still without a contract could be due to the hold up of Travis Zajac’s contract. He is the last RFA that Mr. Lamoriello needs to sign. Looks like this contract is heading to arbitration. But how much longer does everyone else have to wait to replace the 6 that have jumped ship? Could there be one more???

All the good guys left in the UFA world are going to be signed BEFORE the Devils start to re-build what was lost. Can the Devils risk losing another solid veteran? I thought we passed up Brian Gionta and John Madden for Shanny…

Shanny still is not a NJ Devil for the 2009-2010 season. SIGN SHANNY NOW!

[P.S. That photo is a total spoof I found randomly on the net…by no means is it mine. Just thought I’d do a spoof posting. ;) Happy 4th of July…but I am serious when I say SIGN SHANNY NOW! Besides…I needed to nurture everyone’s Shanny obsession…which so happens to be about 90% of my loyal readers. :)]

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