Last Night in Preds World…

So much for taking the month off from hockey to focus on me…

I started multi-tasking…writing the book, doing some soul searching, and being on Preds On The Glass radio last night.

Now, that last part I didn’t expect to happen. I just called in to listen to the show and Buddy came on to ask who was on the line, so he ended up putting me on the show.

We talked about a few things, traditional media vs. new media, and, etc.

Now, the world has no idea why we talked about two very different websites: a rumor site vs. a credible hockey news site. You’ll be surprised with the reason why in the next couple of months.

So here are the write-ups on the show:

Tuesday’s Tidbits POTG

Dirk Hoag’s SB Nation Write-up

And the Link to the Show

I’m on the last half hour of the 90-minute segment.

For those wanting to know who’s names I dropped…

In Devils territory: Brendan Shanahan, Zach Parise, Jamie Langenbrunner and Paul Martin

In Twitterland: @speakofthedevs, and Defending Big D

People I work with: Kevin Greenstein and Eklund

I even cleared up a little strange Google search oddity. There’s something on Google when you Google my name that talks about Michelle Kenneth being an American scammer. It has something to do with Russian brides.

I have a connection to the Russian community, but the person they talk about is definitely NOT ME. I’ve had someone email me a Russian email address saying that was me, when it wasn’t. To this day, I have never stepped foot in Russia. I’m supposed to go someday to visit a friend, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Besides, what in the world would I have to do with Russian brides? Michelle Kenneth is against human trafficking…including those under the guise of mail order brides.

Could there be a possibility that someone else has the same name as me??? Just something to think about.

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