Who’s Fatso?

Ok…Rangers and Devils fans have heard it way too many times…Sean Avery calling Martin Brodeur “FATSO.”

But how accurate is Avery’s claim?

Keep in mind that I’ve seen more of Sean than I ever care to see in this lifetime and I could swear up and down that Sean was actually bigger than Marty…well, when it comes to who is bulkier.

So now I’ve put it to the test. Is Sean’s claim factual?

Sean is 5’10” and listed at 195 pounds. Marty is 6’2″ and listed at 215 pounds. Realistically, if you went by the weight, Marty is 20 pounds heavier than Sean…but you know if I started up this blog…I’m looking at this scenario differently.

I did some calculations on these two. I wanted to know just how many pounds per inch these guys really are.

Sean is 2.79 pounds per inch. Marty is 2.91 pounds per inch. If you were to round the figure to the nearest half mark, they are both 3 pounds per inch.

Now, is that really worth calling Marty “Fatso”? We could talk about the difference down to the decimal point, but rounding the figure to the nearest half mark…they are the same. So can we call Sean “Fatso” too?

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