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Because we all love Shanny…

I’m already on the NHL for my St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt. Why? Well, I went through hell and highwater to find a green NJ Devils Brendan Shanahan #18 t-shirt last season. I went to the store in Gateway Plaza across from Prudential Center before every game…SOLD OUT.

I had the NJ Devils looking for one for me in their building…NO SHANNY SHIRTS!

I then scoured the building myself to find one…Brodeur and Parise YES…Shanny, NO!

Devils had to find out who made the green shirts for me so that I could call them and request one to be specially made.

But before I did that, I went to the NHL store to see if they had it. NOPE…they never got them in. But on second thought (they say at the store)…Shanny t-shirts would have made sense. GO FIGURE! Irish…St. Patrick’s Day…Shanahan…

I finally wound up on and found the Shanny t-shirt…in a size SMALL. Only size they had left.

At that point, I was so relieved to find the damn shirt that I didn’t care if it was a size Small. I’d fit my girls into it somehow. So t-shirt arrived express delivery just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wear the t-shirt because I was in Prudential Center all day for Marty’s Big Day. I had to look reporter presentable, so I ended up in a Lacoste green sweater with a brown Lacoste polo underneath…with my Shanny t-shirt tucked away in my purse. I carried it around with me all day long.

I sadly looked at one of the guys from the Devils staff that had assisted me in finding the elusive Shanny t-shirt and said, “Well, maybe next year I can wear it.”

Well, dammit…Shanny decided to change his number to 14 and I can’t wear the shirt now!

I kind of had a feeling he would change the number back to 14 because he still signs his name “Brendan Shanahan 14″ like it’s nothing (all of the stuff he’s signed for me says 14…all signed before he was a Devil (before anyone starts flipping out and accusing me of something stupid)). Before he had people like me pointing out to him that 14’s not his number anymore. Well, now it is. [I wonder if he signs his checks like that…]

Rumor also has it that Shanny may be wearing a visor this season. If Rich and Tom don’t ask him before I do…I want to know WHY. So guys, please ask away…

Now, the NHL thinks I’m nuts for asking for my new St. Patty’s Day Brendan Shanahan t-shirt before pre-season has even started. Better now than later, because it would make sense for the NHL to push forward their Irish heritage born NHLers during St. Patty’s Day. It makes no sense why I should be buying a Henrik Lundqvist or Alexander Ovechkin St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt. I don’t even think they have that holiday in their countries!

So now the new hunt begins…Shanny green NJ Devils tshirt #14. I am ok with finding the throwback jersey, too.

In the meantime, I’ll wear the #18 with my jeans in the neighborhood because the girls have shrunk down enough to fit into that size small (yikes, right? That’s what happens when you drop about 20 pounds in the off-season. Girls are always the first to go.).

LOL…guys, it’s my blog…I can write about the weight loss.

Fourteen skaters and two goalies took part in today’s skate at Pru Center. Among them: Bryce Salvador, Shanny, Yann Danis, David Clarkson, Rod Pelley, Jay Pandolfo, Jeff Frazee, Brian Rolston, and Jamie Langenbrunner.

I’ve been emailing off and on with Kevin Weekes this summer through Twitter and it looks like he’s still weighing through his options right now. He’ll make a decision soon on what he’s going to do and where he’s going to go.

And for those wondering which players have real Twitter accounts:

Sully26: Steve Sullivan (Nashville Predators)
MartinHavlat: Martin Havlat (Minnesota Wild)
KevinWeekes: Kevin Weekes
GreenLife52: Mike Green (Washington Capitals)
pelias: Patrik Elias (New Jersey Devils)

Any other Twitter account claiming to be these players (no matter what their excuse)…are FAKES. And if you really need verification on if it’s real or not, @NHL on Twitter and they’ll contact the team, who will contact the player to get a legitimate verified response if it is theirs or not.

For instance, today I had the NHL verify that mike_green52 is not Mike Green. Came back as NOT being Mike Green. GreenLife52 is the ONLY Mike Green account.

It also helps to check a player’s website (for those who have one) to see what the real Twitter account is.

In other news, the NHL is in court today battling it out with Jim Balsillie. Twitter comes in handy for this because someone is actually in the courtroom tweeting the arguments. Days like this, you LOVE Twitter for all of your NHL news. @Spec44 has been tweeting the whole thing today. I thank the hockey gods he’s there. Second by second feed…doesn’t get better than that.

Also in other NHL news, NHLPA fired Paul Kelly. We’re still waiting on the details on why…but all I can say is that the reason why sounds really, really controversial and bad. Fear is striking the heart of NHL players across the board.

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