Always Nice…

It’s always nice to give and get shout outs here and there. It’s always returned.

I was surprised to see on Kevin Weekes’ website that he had put up one of my blog postings. It’s his second shout out this summer…first one was a brief mention of him in my exclusive with Zach Parise at the NHL Awards for Inside Hockey. Second one was for “The Players that Don’t Define Their Public Mold” from this very blogsite. Here’s the link to Weekes’ site:

I told you guys he was a sweet guy. :) Oh, and we’re still laughing at Clarky’s trip up. LOL. :) If Clarky hadn’t been at a loss for words and his impeccable timing…and then telling me and Weekes to shut up…then we still wouldn’t be laughing now at the memory of it all. Much love for Clarky… ;)

Preds On The Glass always mentions my latest posts. Much love for the Oakes family. I met Buddy’s wife, Cathy, in Vegas. Such a beautiful, charming woman. They had a scare this week when she ended up in the ER for what they thought was a heart attack. Ends up the doctors don’t know what’s going on. So the Oakes family is definitely in my prayers, because I understand way too much what that is like as I go through a whole new round of testing myself to find out why my lungs have been stopping.

Ok…so I totally laid the bomb there. I’m not going to go into anymore detail on that because we’re still in the testing phase.

As for the Devils, well…work has begun again. :) Season Preview: NJD

Now…I know people in Twitterville want to know what I found out last night about the NHLPA mess. I’ll try and write-up something today, but if it doesn’t go up today, it’s because I have to think longer on how to say what needs to be said without dooming my entire career. So I’ll post it up on Tuesday.

[Now you know what I know is juicy…]

And to that LA Kings player that reads my work…the information you gave to me has been verified (I know…2 playoff seasons later), but I’m sorry…I can never print what you told me. I can only allude to it…and I’ve already done that this summer in Patrick Kane’s 20 cent bit. That’s as close as I come to telling everyone what really happened. I’m sorry!

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