Crashing Preds On The Glass Radio Show

I had a little bit of fun crashing POTG’s show last night.  It was so fun, a lot of us are still laughing about the last 50-minutes of the show when I joined and started chatting with the guests from Let There Be Lighthouse (Nick Giglia), Psycho Hockey Lady (Katrina Cady) and Buddy Oakes.

What had us laughing??? Oh, something about Michelle Kenneth talking about the Islanders ice girls and their derrieres.  ;)

In all fairness, man crushes on Colin Wilson (I just googled him to see what all the fuss was about…I’m with Katrina…not THAT impressed that it warranted a crush of sorts…but you guys can keep your man crush) were also talked about LONG BEFORE I started talking about ice girls.

Now, what was all the fuss with me talking about ice girls derrieres, cameras flashing and drool…you have to listen to the show: POTG Radio Show

That was just a little snidbit of the discussion. We talked about a whole lotta stuff that was equally hilarious.

The serious portion of the show concentrated on what’s going on at the Lighthouse out on Long Island today. Katrina Cady talked about her Carmen Sandiego ways around the NHL to see every team, every arena, etc. She even had a bit of a fright while visiting the Nashville Predators.

I’m just thankful she was okay after that mess. I mentioned to her afterwards that I’ve been very fortunate to not have some lunatic trying to corner me at my hotel…and I’ve traveled far and wide for the NHL. I think it helps when you’re there for business rather than pleasure. I spend more time talking to the hotel staff about needing more coffee (even in French) than I do anything else.

Another interesting bit is that I always tend to run into New Yorkers no matter what country I’m in. I also meet English speakers left and right (like while I was in the Czech Republic). The only thing I had a problem with was the word COFFEE in Czech. I didn’t know the word, but ended up on a cappuccino high the entire time I was there because cappuccino is the same word in the Czech Republic and I could read that word! [Did I ever mention I love the Czechs?]

Most important word to learn before traveling to any country…the local word for COFFEE. I’m happy that we taught the girl at the O2 Arena in Prague the English word COFFEE…saved me a lot of frustrations.

In other news…I think this is worth noting because no one else has pointed this out…

On October 1st on both Hockey Night in Canada and the NHL Network, Kevin Weekes will be making history by becoming the first black hockey color analyst. Ends up not only is he the first black man to become a hockey color analyst, but he is also the first black man working the desk in front of the cameras for Hockey Night in Canada and the NHL Network.

Of course, this reminded me of something Play-by-Play announcer Rick Peckham said to me last year around this time, “It is an honor to be part of your history in the making.” It took me about a year to figure out what he was talking about, but as time goes on I understand that feeling. So to Kevin also, it is an honor to watch you make history.

So for those who love hockey…make sure to tune in to the Calgary game as Kevin makes his historical debut.

Congratulations, Kevin. Things are looking to be more magical than you can imagine. ;)

I’m sure Kevin’s roots in Barbados are also taking pride in his accomplishments as he makes history.

[WEEKES UPDATE at 3PM 9/22/09…will make additional updates if things change.]

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