Sundin Retires

It’s nice getting a “You Were Right” message this morning.

Preds on the Glass reports:

A source in Sweden has now confirmed what Michelle Kenneth has been saying all Summer, that Mats Sundin is retiring. Michelle has pointed out that Mats has a poker contract that would have prevented him from playing this season.

Now, I’m not saying it would have prevented him from playing this season…it would have prevented him from signing with any team, except for the New York Rangers.

So nice of me to point out the conflict of interest to Mats’ agent. They hadn’t realized that it would be a conflict of interest. [Yes, even I amaze myself sometimes with what information I can find on the internet. Who would’ve known that I would uncover this little contract that would lead to a chance discussion with Mats’ agent (with Mats right there) about the very topic.]

There were a few options presented. The first was that if Mats decided to play another season, then he would have to wait until his Pokerstars contract was over. This little contest was set to happen in December. After the contest, he could go to any team (if there was a mutual interest).

Second, if he decided to play at the beginning of the season, then he had no choice but to sign with the New York Rangers (because of the Pokerstars contest).

Lastly, he had the choice of just retiring.

When I saw Mats last, he had no idea what he wanted to do and truthfully, he wasn’t pondering it.

Sundin’s recent marriage, a bright future as a Pokerstars representative (Mats is a professional poker player), he really doesn’t have to play hockey anymore. He’s going from one ‘sport’ to another…one that requires less energy, more brains.

Mats coming back after that contest in December? It is within the realm of possibilities…but I think he makes more money playing poker now…unless someone wants to throw a crazy one-year deal at him like the Canucks did. Really, that contract the Canucks offered up…Sundin would have been an idiot for not taking it. Come on…even his agent said that it wasn’t like it was twisting his arm or anything. It was crazy, easy money, and Sundin is a business man.

As for my column today for Inside Hockey, the column is delayed because IH is revamping the site today. All of us at IH are really excited that this is finally happening. It’s been a work in progress for a while now. So make sure to check Inside Hockey tomorrow for the new and improved site just in time for the beginning of the new season.

Also, congratulations to Buddy Oakes (Preds on the Glass) for one of his many new gigs with the NY Times Slapshot. Looks like our little group is moving on up in the hockey universe. :)

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