The Naked NHLer

ESPN The Magazine

ESPN The Magazine

Well, I am just in complete shock!

The guy that makes my arm hurt when I try to interview him because he’s like a whole 2 feet taller than me (with skates on) and I have to reach up for 5+ minutes with my arm above my head IS the NAKED NHLER!

Puck Daddy reports that Zdeno Chara is the Naked NHLer we’ve all been talking about this summer. We didn’t know who would pose naked for ESPN, but we knew that a NHLer was posing nude.

I honestly thought it would be Sean Avery. Chara…it definitely was not something any of us expected!

The photos of both male and female athletes were very well done and beautiful. Even the big sumo guys were photographed. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are…there’s beauty in the art and physique of an athlete’s body.

Speaking of hockey on a more serious level, I just finished writing up my exclusive with David Clarkson (New Jersey Devils). He got really choked up talking about kids with cancer. This is worth the read because these families really need our help: The Goon With A Big Heart (Pt. 2)

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