Halloween Special: Top 5 Scariest Moments in Hockey

In celebration of Halloween, I thought I’d do a little special on a few of the scariest hockey moments that have scared the crap out of me.

But before I get into the gory details, make sure you support UNICEF’s Trick-or-Treat Campaign.

Also, Trick or Treat For Our Troops is an interesting charity. After all, do we really need all of that candy?

Teach the kids about helping out other kids in the world and our troops!

Now to the Top 5:

5. Richard Zednik’s Throat Slashed

I remember watching this game on TV when it happened. It was horrible. Luckily for Zednik, the guys that saved his life that night were there when #1’s incident happened. Chances of getting your throat slashed and surviving it in Buffalo are pretty high. Yes, there is a lot of irony in the fact that two throats slashed all happened in Buffalo territory.

4. Brendan Shanahan Dead?

For any Rangers fan or Shanahan fan, seeing Shanny carried off on a stretcher, completely unmoving after colliding with Mike Knuble could make anyone’s heart stop.

Truthfully, this video (personally) would be number 1, but (professionally) it hits #4.

3. Jiri Fischer Collapses On Bench

2. Alexei Cherepanov Dies

Being a huge fan of Jaromir Jagr, seeing the last minutes of Cherepanov’s life is one of the most haunting videos you’ll ever see. Alexei’s dream was to play hockey with Jagr. He got that wish before he died.

1. Clint Malarchuk’s Throat Cut

This has to be one of the scariest moments in hockey. The video explains it all.

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