Devils Stopped Dead In Their Tracks

Last night while I was on Preds On the Glass’ blog talk radio show with Chris Wassel from The Program, the Devils suffered their first loss in 9 games.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a good thing. There is a positive to it. But first, I want to discuss the negative to it…

Chris Wassel was mentioning on the show that the Devils on Versus equals a loss. The last time the Devils were on Versus was during the playoffs in game 7. Versus switched over to the Devils game and 10 seconds following…the most horrific 80 seconds in Devils history happened.

Versus is starting to look like a Devils curse.

Here are the stats for the Devils on Versus and their record (from Chris Wassel):

2-10-1 since last year. 1-6-1 reg season…1-2 playoffs….0-2 this year.

It’s ironic, but you can’t help but think…well, maybe…

Now, getting back to why I think this loss was a good thing. It keeps the team grounded. There is nothing I can’t stand more than a team or players that get all high and mighty and think they’re all that when they really aren’t. I call it the Rangers curse where players egos take over and the whole team concept flies out the window…and then they just become one major disappointment.

If the Devils continued on their win streak, they’d fail to see that they still have room for improvement. This loss puts them straight back at square one again so that they can re-focus on the next step and keep their core foundation and strengthen their weaknesses. Every superhero has a weakness. It’s just a matter of time before the villain finds it.

It’s too early in the season to have a perfect game. There is room for improvement every step of the way.

Now, this morning…I’m a bit all over the place in Devils hockey news.

Preds On The Glass Radio Show

“Devil Of A Start” from View From My Seats

Preds On The Glass Blog

Those are the ones that I know about.

Now, everyone else is asking…what is the Devils secret? My response really is that it is for the Coach’s eyes only! Don’t you wish you were Jacques Lemaire?

There is no easy way to explain what is happening in Devils territory, because the elements that it takes to create a winning team are oftentimes dismissed by the lay person as…NO…that’s not an option.

If you read this blog religiously, you’ll see that I talk about a lot of the major points that go into a winning team. The #1 factor is TO BELIEVE. There is no such thing as hopes. It’s about BELIEVING. The Devils understand that mantra just about as well as I do.

You see, winning just isn’t about playing well. There’s a whole spiritual and psychological side to a winning team as well. It takes the entire team to make it work. One falters in that aspect, the rest fall. It takes an entire team to win just as well as it takes an entire team to lose.

That is what I find so magical about the Devils. They have the same mantras I have in life. It is incorporated into how they play the game. I have seen no other team in the league that is quite capable of doing it. It’s like taking the teachings from my meditation classes and incorporating it into a hockey team’s belief system which then flows into how they play the game.

Like I said, this is highly advanced for the lay person to understand. Explaining Devils hockey and their wins is like explaining what I believe when it comes to God. You either get it, or you don’t.

And like I tell a lot of people who ask me about my beliefs…if you’re not prepared for the answer, you should never ask the question.

Now, I find it an honor and a little strange that I’m being touted as an expert on the Devils. Well, maybe I understand why I am now after the POTG radio interview.

During the game (which I wasn’t watching), you will hear on the show that they announce that the Devils scored a goal. I asked who it came from. Jackson mentioned “toe drag.” I then asked if it was David Clarkson or Dainius Zubrus. Ends up…that toe drag belonged to David Clarkson.

At the end of the game, Buddy and Chris mentioned that Marty got mad and kind of tossed his stick. While I’m asking who’s derriere I had to kick (thinking it was a Flyer that got Marty all riled up), ends up it was a Devils D making the mistake…to which I replied, “Was it Mike?” (as in Mike Mottau).

Upon review…it was Mottau.

I didn’t realize that I could call a game and know which player is doing what based on small little clues.

I guess I do know my Devils hockey better than I think I do.

Like I say, when I watch a game, you have no idea what I’m watching or retaining in my brain. I just see the game a little differently than most, but I sure know who’s doing what based on how they play the game. Each player has a certain signature…and I know what they are.

I knew that it was Mottau based on what they said Marty’s reaction was to what happened on that third goal. Weird that’s how I picked up on what happened? Yes. But that’s how I understand Devils hockey.

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