POTG’s One Year Anniversary

I just wanted to congratulate Preds On The Glass on their one year podcast anniversary.

What I find interesting is that the most popular podcast for the year featured Nick Giglia (from Let There Be Lighthouse), Katrina Cady (Psycho Hockey Lady or PsychoPuckLady) and myself. That just so happened to be the show that we were talking about In-N-Out Burgers and my rant on the Islanders Ice Girls.

Before you think it was a whole jealousy bit…thinking that I was jealous that the girls were on the ice crap…it was actually a rant on how whenever the girls bend over, you see cameras flying out and guys in the audience taking pictures of the girls derrieres.

It happens at every game I attend at Nassau Coliseum. NO JOKE. The last time I was there, I almost started taking pictures of the guys screaming at the girls (forget that there was an actual goal scored here and there for their team) and pulling out their cameras taking pictures of the girls bending over.

That little rant was what made that podcast the most popular podcast on Preds On The Glass radio. Who said that sex doesn’t sell hockey…especially a woman talking about another woman’s derriere!?

It’s one of those things that we hate to admit is a part of the game, but it’s there.

So Buddy and Jackson, congratulations on your successful year with Preds on the Glass. I’m glad I was a part of it. Looking forward to more years from you guys. :)

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