The Weirdest Game

Well, I will say that my weekend was completely shot because of a lighting malfunction at Prudential Center.

Since the Devils read the blog moreso than they read the column…

Case study: Power went down a decade ago in the heart of Georgetown for about a week. The responsible party financially in reimbursing all of the restaurants and businesses that were not able to operate due to the power failure: Washington Gas.

Washington Gas had to reimburse every business for every single day they could not do business. One of the top law firms in the country lost $1M per day due to the power outage. That’s $5M for just that one law firm.

So what does that mean for the Devils? PSE&G should be the responsible party financially for the power glitch, since the problem originated in a power line outside of the arena.

Now, I do realize that presents a problem considering PSE&G is a sponsor of the NJ Devils. But depending on how much the Devils lost in the lighting malfunction, they will have to determine if it is worth going after PSE&G for restitution.

PSE&G should make some sort of good faith towards the Devils. Their problem resulted in a serious financial loss for the Devils.

The Weirdest Game

When The Lights Went Out on Newark

From The Yankee Princess: Baby When The Lights Go Out [Thanks, Yankee Princess for the write-up]

As for what I thought of the game…it was the longest game EVER! :)

You’ll have to read the column to understand what I felt about the way the Devils played. Believe it or not, it is a different take on how a fan would view the game.

I would also like to mention that there will be a NHL Tweetup out on Long Island during/after the NJ Devils vs. NY Islanders game. For information/directions/RSVP: CLICK HERE

I’m not sure yet if I’m heading to the game/tweetup or not on Monday. At this point, I don’t want to commit to anything until I know how my body feels because the Sunday game really threw the body out of whack (since it was demanding a lot of sleep on Sunday). Right now, everything is a maybe until my body is rested up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that while the boys are on the road this week.

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