Wednesday’s Rants

I’ve been following the situation regarding fellow Facebook friend Alexandre Burrows. Don’t know who he is? Well, he’s a Vancouver Canucks hockey player.

I came across Alex way back when a good friend of his died in a motorcycle accident…his fellow teammate, Luc Bordon. So Alex has been on my Facebook for a couple of years now…right around the time my first hockey column began.

Right after being named one of the NHL’s First Stars last week, he went to the press about a matter that happened out on the ice that cost the Canucks the game. It just so happens that a personal vendetta was being played against Burrows by referee Stephane Auger.

Auger had approached Burrows during the pre-game skate stating that he was going to get revenge on him. Here are the details, courtesy of ESPN:

Vancouver Canucks forward Alexandre Burrows has been fined $2,500 by the league for his comments regarding a referee, a source confirmed Wednesday to

A statement from the league is expected to be released later in the day.

No discipline was levied on referee Stephane Auger, who is working tonight, the source said. NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell spoke with each of the parties separately Tuesday night.

Burrows accused Auger of targeting him in the Canucks’ 3-2 loss to the Nashville Predators in Vancouver on Monday.

Burrows said Monday that Auger told him during the pregame warmup he was going to “get me back” for a Dec. 8 incident that left Burrows lying on the ice but able to return for his next shift.

Nashville’s Jerred Smithson received a major and game misconduct penalty for charging Burrows in that game, but the call was later overturned by the league because it said Burrows took a dive.

On Monday, Auger called Burrows for diving and interference in the third period, leaving him to watch from the penalty box when Shea Weber score the winner for the Predators.

The disputed interference penalty ended a Vancouver power play after just 4 seconds, and a penalty on Henrik Sedin left the Canucks short a man before Weber’s 4-on-3 goal.

An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and 10-minute misconduct followed for Burrows with 4 seconds left.

Now, I understand why Burrows was fined…because he went to the press about a matter that the league felt he should not have talked about to the public. The fine was basically a punishment for talking about a private league matter to the public.

But for Auger to go unpunished…this is where I pull out my “WHERE’S THE FAIRNESS IN THAT?” card.

It appeared that the league didn’t believe Burrows story. The press was putting a whole spin on the “did it really happen?” Well, of course it happened! Why would Burrows make something like that up, understanding that there would be ramifications in the end?

Why would he lie to the press about that?

He told the truth…and the league let the referee get away with his personal vendetta against a player during the game.


There should be the highest level of professionalism in this game and a referee telling a player that he’s going to get back at him for something that happened in a different game where the league overturned a call…that is WRONG. It is unprofessional and this is not something the league should allow or protect.

This season has marked some of the most atrocious officiating I have ever seen. I’ve watched goaltenders practically get their heads knocked off of their necks multiple times because of someone running their heads. NO GOALTENDER INTERFERENCE CALLS.

I’ve watched hits where a player’s skates left the ice…no call.

I mean…I’m starting to fear for the safety of the players on the ice. But far be it for the players to start policing the ice themselves…oh, the refs will split them up.

Mr. Campbell, I plead with you…make the right decision in this matter. I’m with Georges Laraque. I know what’s going on and I’m just as sickened with what’s going on as he is. This has got to stop.

You rewarded the bad guy in all of this and punished the victim.

In other news, Curtis Joseph retired yesterday from the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I think the NHL kind of suckered me into doing a write-up, with a phone # to call if I wanted to talk about getting an exclusive from CuJo.

CuJo Hangs Up His Skates

Seriously, I know NADA about CuJo and his career…but it all started to make sense why I was getting all of these emails from the guys next door about doing a story. Two names are littered throughout CuJo’s career: Brendan Shanahan and Martin Brodeur.

See why it all makes sense? I, at least, know way too many things about those two. After all, Shanny’s overtaken this blog with his 21 Days and Marty…well, he wrote my Bible to the New Jersey Devils. Seriously, his book is my Bible. I’m not kidding when I say that…it’s marked up/highlighted so much…when I finally get Marty to sign it…he’s going to laugh at how well used his book was for me.

Not to mention they are my #2 and #4 all-time favorites. It’s just weird that both of their names come up so many times in CuJo’s career…and he never played for the New Jersey Devils. The NJD name comes up prominently throughout his career.

It’s pretty wild.

Thank you to the boys next door for all of their help in setting me up with everything on CuJo. And they wonder why I say I love those guys next door. ;) I feel spoiled. xoxo

Funny how someone said to me the other day, “And you think the NHL has your best interests at heart?”

Ummm…yeah, they do.

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