The REVISED Stuff I Hate (NHL)…

So the last one was all about the players I love to hate. It’s mid-season so I’ve acquired some new dislikes…

7. JERKO (I mean Jarkko) RUUTU. Truthfully, he should have made the list of players I love to hate. Actually, he should have been #2. I’ve had a distaste for Jerko since he laid a hit on Jaromir Jagr in the 2006 Olympics that sliced open his head!

When Jerko made it to the bench, it was that smug look of satisfaction he had when he was watching the replay that had me going…ooooh…you better be glad I’m not in Torino right now because I’d be coming after you, you SOB.

Jerko has been one of those dirty players that I grind my teeth when I see he’s playing. When I see him in person, I give the guy the cold shoulder that’s as cold as Antarctica. Yet, he’s on my friggin Facebook.

It’s a therapeutic move to help me LIKE the guy…but he’s even bitten current Devils player…ANDREW PETERS (watch this):

I mean what kind of twisted, sick F*CK does that? Then it brings it all back to the original reason why I hate this guy…that smug look he had on the bench after delivering that blow to Jagr. #2 ranking on the original list…is me being NICE.

6. HEAD SHOTS. Simply put…you should be punished severely if you deliver a shot to someone’s head. I’m in favor of 20+ games to indefinitely…maybe infinity depending on how dumb you were.

5. RUNNING THE GOALTENDER. Need I say more? You run the goaltender, plan on everybody in the audience getting pissed off very quickly. It’s dirty, and please don’t expect any of us to still respect you later.

What I also hate is a lack of goaltender interference calls when a goaltender is run. Question to the officials: if the goaltender gets his neck sliced open when someone runs the goalie, does the guy that runs him still get away scott free?

4. RUMORS THAT HURT PEOPLE. While Riley Cote may not like that I’m talking about this…I’m going to anyway. Cote and I got into a long email discussion back and forth about a rumor that some idiot started on his blog which blew up into a media frenzy…someone sleeping with someone’s wife on the Flyers team.

That kind of crap is similar to the whole Brendan Shanahan/Craig Janney situation…it happened to those two…no one else. Anything else that crops up like that is just WISHFUL THINKING. (Sorry I brought that up, Shanny.)

Anyway, rumors like that can hurt the individuals they claim are involved, a team, even the fans. It’s bitter gossip aimed at explaining the dire situation with a team that just happened to be 100% false.

As for the blogger that started the rumor, you will go down as someone no one will ever take seriously. If you were trying to get a job in sports writing…consider your chances to be non-existent. You may have better luck with TMZ or the National Enquirer.

3. COLIN CAMPBELL. I usually shrug my shoulders and say, “It is what it is,” when it comes to Campbell’s disciplinarian decisions around the league, but when he throws Burrows under the bus and says that the translation of French to English was incorrect or inadequate to suffice that “I’m going to get you back,” wasn’t said…well, how in the hell do you explain his officiating that even had members of the press in attendance at the games scratching their head going…what the hell is going on down there…lots of phantom calls?

For the record, translating “Feeling Under the Weather Today?” translates in Spanish, “Feeling Bad Today?” Some translations are not needed, but it’s all the same when you want to friggin dissect it that way.

Campbell and his disciplinary actions are not jiving with what is needed in the league. They want to use past situations to determine the current situation when the past has nothing to do with the present. In Burrows case, because they didn’t like who he was as a hockey player…that’s why he got the fine that he got. Forget that he was trying to say, “Look, this guy targeted me for retribution…” it wasn’t configured into his punishment.

WHAT THE BLEEPITY BLEEP BLEEP is going on? It’s time for a disciplinary overhaul, starting with Colin Campbell.

2. OTTAWA SENATORS & DANIEL ALFREDSSON. I’ve never disliked a team more than any other team in the league…well, maybe when the Broad Street Bullies (Philadelphia Flyers) returned.

While sitting up in the press box one night, I saw a player on the Senators run Martin Brodeur’s head. No penalty called. While I’m sitting there thinking, “Andy Greene, why aren’t you kicking his derriere?” I realized, “Oh crap, we have no enforcers out on the ice!”

This meant that the Senators got away free and clear of that dirty hit on Brodeur…the first time…and the second time when Alfredsson ran his head. You can’t tell me that he didn’t do it on purpose after he saw Marty go down on the ice and grab his head the first time around.

The Senators play dirty…and I don’t like it. I’m just thankful that Jamie Langenbrunner came running to stand up for his team by the end of the night. He was my hero that night.

1. NHL OFFICIATING. Like what else could be #1?

We complain about it every year…bullshit calls or no calls at all. My beef with the refs this season started with the lack of goaltender interference calls. When the call is actually made, you have to question, “Was that really a GTI?”

Officiating this season has been at its worst. But what really pissed me off…well, read the last few entries about the Burrows incident. That really lit a fire under me.

And for the record, if you didn’t side with Burrows in the matter, hockey fans around the world will eat you alive. [Hint, hint #3.]

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