The Hockey “Stud”

On Saturday, while I was perusing the Devils media packet, I came across a disturbing piece from Vanity Fair about “Team Sweden’s Hockey Studs.”

Here are a couple of excerpts that shocked the hell out of me:

Luckily, the 2010 squad has fielded enough heartthrobs to keep “puck bunnies” and other, let’s say, casual fans of the game happy.

Oh, and he’s known for his ability to go all the way. (regarding Johnnny Oduya)

Here’s the link to the VF article

I tweeted those words on Twitter just to see if the women of hockey were just as outraged as I was with those remarks. They were.

For the record, those words were written by a man, not a woman. When you see those words, it seems to be a bit sexist and chauvanistic…as if the only reason why women watch hockey is because of the “studs” in hockey. *rolling eyes*

So I’m not going to rant today about this. I’m going to give you the address on where YOU can rant!

The author’s name is Darrell Hartman. You can write to the editor at:

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