Predators Are In Town

Last night, I made an appearance on PredsOnTheGlass. I wasn’t feeling great yesterday, and had to fight having to run to the bathroom to vomit while talking Devils hockey and Ilya Kovalchuk during the first 45 minutes. But after the strong nausea subsided, I was ok.

We’ve kind of narrowed in on why the ‘problem’ is acting up again…just a little overexposure to a toxic chemical on Friday. I contacted the restaurant (which is organic) and discussed it with them, so they’re investigating internally before going to the company they receive their cleaning products from to see why ammonia was in their cleaning products.

I mention this because it is important for people to understand why it is vital to go green with their cleaning products. Cleaning products with ammonia, bleach and other toxic chemicals are HIGHLY toxic to people with cancer.

Don’t just believe the front of the label when it says it’s green. Turn the bottle around and read the ingredients. If the ingredients are not listed, it’s because there are toxic chemicals in the products. If the ingredients are all listed, it should not list one single chemical. Everything should be all-natural and ingredients you should recognize.

Trust me, green cleaning is more effective and less toxic to yourself, your family and your home…not to mention the environment and people with cancer.

Which leads me back to POTG last night…Anthony Curatolo (The Hockey Guys and Crash The Crease) along with George Brew are hosting a Hockey Fights Cancer Fundraiser next month. Since it’s just those two, I decided I’d lend my fundraising/non-profit expertise and help those two out. Details on the event to follow…

So here’s the podcast from last night (if image does not appear on your screen, click on the ‘podcast’ link):

I talked about Ilya Kovalchuk and the trade, the Devils, the possible potential trades, the Olympics, etc. Looking back at the time, I may have monopolized the majority of the show with talks of the Devils. :)

The Predators face the Devils on Friday. They are playing against the Islanders tonight.

I have another podcast upcoming with Section 303 on Saturday. Details on how you can access the podcast to follow.

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