What an Upset!


Ok, I’ll admit it. I woke up at 2:30AM and tuned into Twitter. At almost 3AM I see that Slovakia had defeated the 2006 Olympic Gold Champions…SWEDEN!

While Sweden was the favorite to win it, Slovakia was the upset! And what a magnificent upset it was. The Slovakia team has made national history. This will be the first time that the team has ever truly competed for a chance at a medal in the Olympic men’s hockey. If they win a medal, this will be the first medal ever in the history of Slovakia.

So you know I’ll be cheering for the underdog team to win something!

Allan Walsh, who is the agent for many of the Slovakian and Czech players tweeted this morning:

@walsha The line of the night! Slovak team older vets converged to discuss their new plan to revitalize Slovak hockey. “We’re all going to retire…

@walsha…travel the country and impregnate as many women as possible. You know, like they do with horses!”

I like Slovakia’s crazy sense of humor.

As for Vancouver 2010’s picks to the left. Looks like they were 50/50. USA and Finland were accurate. Canada and Slovakia to lose were the wrong picks.

The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Russia, and Sweden were wiped out of the Olympic race yesterday.

Moving on to Friday, it will be USA v. Finland and Canada v. Slovakia.

The Bronze Round between the losers of the semifinals will take place on Saturday. The winners of the semifinals go for the gold on Sunday.

Looks like Vancouver 2010 has USA and Canada to the left for the winners on Friday. That would be another ironic situation that requires a bit of history talk…

Canada and USA went for the gold in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). Canada came out the winners in both men and women’s ice hockey. USA came in second in both contests. Canada dominated gold in hockey on American soil.

What we’re seeing again in 2010 is USA v Canada in women’s ice hockey (gold medal round takes place tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST). So far, the fan favorite to win is USA.

If the men’s turn out to be USA v Canada in the gold round, we’ll either see history repeating itself, or poetic justice happening. USA winning gold in both men and women’s ice hockey on Canadian soil…talk about complete irony (and poetic justice).

All I can say is…I’m rooting for Zach Parise and Jamie Langenbrunner from here on out (a first for me to cheer on Team USA in the Olympics).

Canada (who has Marty Brodeur) is a different situation as far as my vote is concerned.

Canada made the mistake of putting Martin Brodeur in net for USA v. Canada on Sunday. I’m sorry, Canada, but that was a MAJOR mistake. You gave USA the advantage, because they had 3 forwards on their team that played hockey with Brodeur for many years (combined, if you include this year, that’s 18.5 years of experience with Marty). I think they would have learned a trick or 10 against the most winningest goaltender.

Roberto Luongo should have played in that game, and Marty in the next. Just saying…it was the coach’s mistake, not Marty’s. USA had the advantage in that game because of who Canada chose as their goaltender in that game.

I have full faith in Marty, but not when he’s facing 3 Devils players that played with him for years (Brian Rafalski is currently a Detroit Red Wing, but played for New Jersey for the majority of his hockey career — try 7 seasons!). Yet the coach and Canada wants to blame Marty. I don’t agree. It starts from the beginning…the decision on who Canada decided to put in net.

I won’t go into what transpired AGAINST Marty after that…but I will say…I don’t agree with any of it.

He may be the most winningest, but the deck was stacked against him…and then he was treated like crap. It was like they purposely set him up for failure so that Luongo could get the nod down through to the end.

I see some unfairness waivering over the neutrality line. My consensus is that Luongo should have been played in that game! Team USA probably would have lost that game…or at least made it a real hockey game (unlike last night’s Canada v. Russia game…Russia’s fault for not showing up to play hockey).

What coach in their right mind would place Marty in against Team USA? Or was Babcock in his right mind? That would be the question.

Now, speaking of Russia…I just heard the Russian version of last night’s broadcast. Let me tell ya…I was somewhat shocked, yet not surprised to learn that Team Russia had major dollars spent on them.

From models serving up their needs, to major money in their pockets, to every luxury known to man, being catered to at their every whim…Russia went all out for their boys.

And NOW Russia is pissed! I don’t recommend anyone on Team Russia EVER trying to go back home to the motherland. I heard the words Siberian Prison being tossed around here and there. Russia feels like they were robbed and taken advantage of.

That game was not a hockey game. End of story.

And yes, I’m just as disappointed in Team Russia as Russia is…they were my pick to get a medal.

As far as that Eurotrash comment made by Mike Milbury after that game…I think of what Jaromir Jagr said on his way out of the NHL:

“And I also want to say to the people like Mike Milbury who made their living by criticizing me all the time, that they can kiss my ass.”

Any time I hear Mike Milbury’s name…I think of Jagr’s comment. It brings peace of mind. Everyone should memorize it and think of it when they hear Mike Milbury’s name…that way what he says…means nada.

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