Predators Are Best Served On The Road

I love when the Nashville Predators go on the road.

When they took over Manhattan, I was laughing hysterically.

The boys hit Atlanta…we started laughing again. When they left Atlanta this morning…everyone was in hysterics again…all morning long.

This is the power of the NHL using Twitter. @Sullivan26 @dellis39 and the new addition to the Nashville Twitter posse @jtootoo22 have been keeping hockey fans entertained when they hit the road.

You don’t have to be a Nashville Predators fan to enjoy the interaction between these three players. You just have to realize their crazy sense of humor. It’s like Abbott & Costello meets Bob Hope and Bing Crosby or Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. It’s just crazy, hilarious stuff.

A lot of us are still laughing at Dan Ellis calling Jordin Tootoo a donkey this morning (while I would have just came out and said “ASS”, very PG of him).

Ellis even tweets his meals. You should have seen what he was eating during the Olympic break. It about gave me a clogged artery just looking at what he was about to consume!

I think we finally got Ellis to stop tweeting and driving at the same time. That bit drove me wacko! He’s an interesting tweet driver…but he shouldn’t be tweeting and driving at the same time!

When the team does secret team building activities, Steve Sullivan has tweeted photos of the ‘surprise’ activity for fans to know just what the team is doing off the ice.

Having NHL players use Twitter is probably one of the greatest tools of bringing fans to the game, as well as allowing the players to connect with the fans without ever getting ‘too close’ where there could be a potential problem.

Of course, there are the crazy fans that a player has to tweet them publicly to UNFOLLOW or tell off a fan that says crap about knowing more about hockey than a NHLer does. Yeah…it happens. But each one is dealt with accordingly.

Sure, even us fans join in on the fun every now and again.

Case in point…Brendan Shanahan (Mr. Caveman with technology…oh, he’ll get that reference…btw, Brendan, I’m starting to disbelieve your story about being a Caveman…I must talk to Aaron Ward again.) has been using Twitter as the NHL Vice President. He was the missing link for the New York Rangers tweeting.

He knows how to TwitPic (essential if you are tweeting from the Olympics) and he jokes back and forth with Sean Avery & Company.

When Avery tweeted that he didn’t think a Nickelback fan (Shanny) should have more followers than him, on Day 3 of Shanny tweeting, I took Avery’s Revolution to the hockey fans and told them to join Shanny’s Revolution. Within 7 minutes of the Shanny Revolution, Shanny had more followers than Sean Avery.

That is what I call influence. ;)

It was quite humorous that Sean Avery’s ‘revolution’ failed and Shanny’s ‘revolution’ won in 7 minutes. Even Shanny tweeted how hilarious it was. [Revolution is what Sean was calling it.]

Either way, Sean got more followers that day thanks to the revolution, but Shanny beat him out in 7 minutes (and still going strong). I would also like to point out the obvious…Shanny amassed more followers in 3 days that it took Avery months to gather.

You see…in a way…this is how the NY boys get love on Twitter. But you can never discount Aaron Voros’ presence when the boys are out and about. Voros will Twitpic just as well as Avery and Shanny will. You follow one, you have to follow all three.

@NHLShanny @seanaverydotcom and @voros34 make for the good NYC hockey player tweeters, but the Nashville boys still have them beat.

The Nashville guys…are just hilarious. The NY Boys…are the way NY boys should be…mingling with the rich and famous celebrity types…and tweeting about it.

There are others that use Twitter in a more business capacity like David Perron @DP_57. He’s an avid user of Twitter. Just last month he raised 4500 new followers. With each new follower, he donated $1 to Haiti. In 28 days, he was able to raise $4500. That’s what I call grassroots fundraising.

Former NHL goaltender Kevin Weekes (@KevinWeekes) has taken to the Twitterverse. He’s been well received by the Twitter hockey fan community because he replies to almost everyone’s tweets. Fans love that!

Former Stanley Cup Champion Bret Hedican (@hedicanbret) has also taken to the Twitterverse, tweeting hockey and everything Kristi Yamaguchi! :) (It’s his wife! But either way, I love the updates because she’s my all-time fave figure skater.).

There’s also Paul Ranheim (@pranheim) who is the social internet responsible go to guy for all news relating to internet safety, especially for your children. And every now and again…you may get him to start talking about hockey. Either way, what he tweets is important stuff that parents and kids should know. Even I want to know what’s going on…they’re lessons for all of us on how to protect ourselves on the internet.

My newest Twitter friend is Jim Craig (@JimCraigUSA). Don’t know who he is? Pull out your copy of the film “MIRACLE” and then tell me who Jim Craig is. 1980 Lake Placid ring any bells? No? Well, Google him…here’s a clue for ya (see picture).

Jim started following me on Twitter during the Olympics and when I realized it was THE Jim Craig…I got all…flustered! Jim Craig is following ME! THE Jim Craig…get it? THE JIM CRAIG.

Ok…starstruck moment is over…moving on…

So for all of those who love hockey, these guys are all must follows, especially Kevin Weekes…but you have to follow me (@MichelleKenneth) too for those days when Weekes and I start joking about a hockey player or two we both know (like a New Jersey Devil…especially ones that were traded…the Brian Gionta talks are probably the most hilarious ones of all).

I will say this about Weekes…the irony in the situation with the two of us is that Weekes hit the NYC scene the same time that I was introduced to the New York Rangers. The Rangers were the first team I was ever a fan of. Since I sat down in the front row a lot, I spent a lot of time sitting behind Kevin, either behind the bench or behind the goal in Section 34.

So it was ironic when I left the NYR scene and headed permanently to the New Jersey Devils that it was right around the same time that Weekes became a New Jersey Devil. Nothing was purposely done. Just the way the cards were dealt.

But I will say that Kevin is probably one of the greatest hockey players I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. It’s even better now that he’s on my side of the fence covering the game. Just the way the cards were dealt.

You meet a lot of great people along this journey in life. You never know why God has linked you together, but it’s there nonetheless.

Now, for those wanting to know how the Threesome Adventure went last night, Katrina (PsychoPuckLady) arrived around 4PM in NYC, she and Nick (LetThereBeLH) headed to Central Park to have a look around. We had dinner at Havana NY on 38th Street (best mimosa’s in the city). Then, just for the hell of it, we went to Sean Avery’s bar WARREN 77.

All I will say is that the bartender looks like Marcel Hossa; I hear the food is superb (it looked good, will try it the next time Nick and I venture back down there again); and my apartment is bigger than the bar. That was the only major downside to the place. I expected the bar to be way bigger and not some hole in the wall.

But I’m definitely trying the food next time b/c Shanny talks about the food on Twitter, so I’m assuming it’s good.

[See you get restaurant reviews from hockey players on Twitter…]

Oh, and Kevin Weekes suggests Virgil’s BBQ in Times Square. ;)

Back to Sean’s bar…I’m interested in hearing what will say about the whirlwind dinner she had. She had a very interesting take on the clientele that was in the bar. A lot of men there. Very few women. You also don’t see men hitting on women there…which made me think…

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