On Being Responsible With Life

I’m going to share a little insight into my life, because for some people it’s a bit beyond their comprehension.

When people that know me describe me…they never say that I’m a religious person. They say that I’m a very spiritual person. I look at life very differently than most people because well, I’ve been shown how to live a different life.

It’s the kind of life where anything you can and do dream does come true. I live a life where I don’t really have to worry, because I know the universe will take care of me.

I have what can be known as a ‘charmed’ life.

I am constantly working towards a better way of life, not just for myself, but for others.

You see, when Gandhi said, “Be the change you seek in your world,” it means that in order to change the world, you must first begin by changing yourself.

When you attempt to change the world without changing from within first, your good intentions may not work out the way you planned it to be. You’ll attract others to you that will inhibit you on your quest.

I think the best way to get you started on understanding that line of thought is to read the primer, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It’s about the Law of Attraction. In India, they call it karma.

The kind of karma you give to the world is the kind of karma that comes back to you. If you do good and it comes from a good place within, without need for self-gratification, but just for the pure love of humanity, nature, etc. then you will receive good karma back to you. “What goes around comes back around.”

But when giving good, you must make sure that others do not thwart or twist your efforts. Say you hand $20 to a homeless guy on the street and he in turn goes and buys drugs with it. Your goodwill is no longer goodwill. You have to be wise about how you give your goodwill.

For instance, say you donate to a certain charity religiously, through regular deductions from your paycheck. News breaks out that the majority of that money not only goes to pay administrative fees for the charity, but it also goes to pay for one of the top executive’s mistress that he put up in a luxury apartment in Manhattan.

Your money contributed to this man’s affair with a woman that was not his wife.

Your money really didn’t make it to the charity like you thought it was going to. So in the end…you really didn’t do any good, like you had hoped to do. [FYI, this example is based on circumstances that did occur.]

You see, it’s not just about doing an act. You have to see further ahead than the initial goodwill. You have to visually watch it all the way to its end result.

I don’t give money to people that ask for it on the street. A true poor man never begs for money. Only a con man asks you for money.

When you give to charities, do your homework. Look to see how much of the money actually makes it to the actual cause you are trying to donate to.

When going green, read the labels. Don’t let the front of the bottle dictate to you that it is a green product. Turn the bottle around and read the ingredients. Clorox Bleach will never be a green product. It will always be toxic to cancer patients. Just because it says it’s green on the front of the bottle, doesn’t mean that it is.

You can call this a marketing ploy. You put a label on it, call it GreenWorks, maybe change one ingredient in it and then put it on the shelves…it’s essentially the exact same product. Nothing about it is green. Just the marketing makes it appear to be green.

You have to read the ingredients. If it doesn’t list the ingredients, that means they have something to hide. A true green product will list their ingredients on the back of the bottle…and not one ingredient will be a chemical name that a little five-year old kid would not recognize.

Being smart about what you buy is being socially responsible to the community.

I learned from David Bach (“The Automatic Millionaire” and other financial books) a long time ago that an ignorant man that is stupid with his money and doesn’t do his research can expect to lose his money. While a wise man that does his research will reap the rewards of taking care of his money.

It’s the same with karma and being socially responsible. You have to do your research if you want to do true good in the world. If you do, and invest your good wisely, you will reap the rewards of the good karma that comes back to you.

Now, I’m not making this up. So I’m going to let you take a peak into my life.

I don’t just donate my money to just anybody, but I do donate 10% of my income to various groups and charities. In the Christian faith, they call it tithing. Since I don’t give my money to the church, I give it to the people that need it most…the world community that is suffering.

All financial advisers recommend donating a percentage of your income. It actually makes you richer, not just from within but in your bank account too. People don’t get that…but the ones who do live by this principle of donating a percentage of their income do watch their bank accounts grow.

Cancer is something that afflicts me. But I understood back in 2005 when I was diagnosed the first time that I have this for a reason. It took a few years before I realized why I had it…it was to help others out in the future.

It wasn’t just a way of relating to other cancer patients. It was actually a principle that would help me realize the more important elements of life…like living with a purpose…and using what I have to change the world…to put the wheels into motion to stop this from happening to future generations.

Donating money for cancer research is something I don’t do for myself in order to find a cure. I do it for the future generations so that maybe someday a cure will be found for them. I don’t see it as something that can be cured for myself because I have what is called an environmental cancer…meaning that it is the environment that causes my cancer.

Because I know that, that is why I’ve gone green. But I know in order for environmental cancers to be eradicated, I have to start going green myself and changing my way of life starting in my own home, office, etc. Then I put it forward and start changing the environment for the rest of the world…educating people on being wise about going green…helping to heal the planet and ourselves.

That is what it means to be the change you seek in your world. Start changing yourself before moving on to help the rest of the world.

That is my donation to the world…changing myself and then putting the good I learn from that back into the universe. You see, by each action, there is a reaction.

By donating to worthy causes, I see the benefits coming back to me in different ways. I get free stuff all of the time…from coffee, to an amazing career as a hockey writer (which means free dinners, free snacks, free hockey games, free hockey merchandise from different events, etc.), to party invitations to private events, free stuff from fashion designers & even a complete hockey wardrobe courtesy of Easton Hockey. [The hockey wardrobe is being donated to kids, since I’m not medically cleared to play hockey.]

You see…I give and the world gives back. The universe takes care of you when you take care of everyone and everything around you.

Being good and doing good is a choice, just as well as doing evil and hurting others and the world is a choice. What you put forth into the world is exactly what you will get back to you ten fold. So if you have a crappy life…you have the ability to change it. You have to start from within.

Something I never expected when I first started covering the Devils was just how much the mantra of positive thinking and doing good was important to the organization’s way of winning. Positive thinking is not something that can be measured. It has to be lived. As a team, everyone has to be of that mindset, or they will fail together as a team. That is something I learned from them last season…or at least I watched the action of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction become a reality on a stage.

This is not something you read about in the papers or in textbook hockey. It’s just something you experience…but only if you have the knowledge to know it’s there when you see it.

I know in America, everyone is rushing to get the new iPad right now. Apple is on my permanent banned list. They will never come off. Why? Because I know they use child labor to create their products. Even if they were to stop now and change the way their products are made, they have wronged a lot of people all in the name of profits and gains…i.e. greed…which means they have a lot of bad karma coming their way.

Nike has used child labor in the past as well. They are on my permanent banned list and not coming off, no matter how great their golf products are. I can go with a different retailer that’s more socially responsible.

All of your actions, including what you buy or buy into…you are responsible for. There are some things that are harder to get away from like power providers. We can encourage change to steer away from the use of oil that has been the cause of so many wars and deaths.

We have to constantly educate ourselves in the wrongs that sneak into our lives. Even that little piece of plastic on your coffee cup could be hazardous to your health…or the artifical sweetener could be dangerous to your body…you have to educate yourself, because no one else in the world will have your best interests at heart than you.

Only you are responsible for yourself in the end. You can only answer to your soul, not others…unless you participated in harming them somehow.

You can be the change you seek in this world.

Some books to start you off on moving into the right direction:

1. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne
2. A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle
3. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
4. The Laws of Money…The Lessons of Life – Suze Orman
5. Go Green, Live Rich – David Bach

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