I See Naked People

I’m starting to notice a trend. I see naked people on the streets of Manhattan on days that I’m heading to a hockey game.

Last week, on the way to MSG to cover the New York Rangers, I saw two too many cooches on the way to the arena. I saw one overweight woman in a too tight, short dress that came all the way up to expose herself. That was last Wednesday. Rangers won that game.

On Friday, I took a different route to the arena and decided to avoid the mess by Macy’s (where I saw the first snatch). But I didn’t have to walk far on 8th Avenue before I saw a woman wearing a too tight jersey dress ride up to reveal a little more than I’d like to see.

The Rangers beat the Flyers that night.

So this morning, on the way into the office, a guy decided to rock out with his cock out on 42nd and 8th Avenue.

He was wearing his jeans flung down to his knees, secured by a belt (like in the hip hop style). Usually guys wear boxers underneath. This guy wore NO UNDERWEAR…and let’s just say that I got an eyeful this morning.

If that’s the new style…when do the indecency laws come into effect? WOW.

So based on how the two ladies with their ladyness hanging out on the way to MSG ended up in wins later on that night for the Rangers…could this possibly mean that the home team is winning tonight?

Strange coincidence indeed. After all, I couldn’t figure out why I was a lucky charm for the Rangers this season. If the Devils win it tonight, seeing more naked people randomly on the streets of NYC may determine who wins the game that day.

It is ironic that I only see naked people on game days. Three below the belt exposures in Manhattan in the matter of one week? That’s more than I’ve EVER seen out in public in my entire life.

So rocking out with your cock out…doesn’t mean literally. I hope this does not become a new fashion trend. I should tell the Rockstar about this…he doesn’t wear underwear and sometimes forgets that the jeans he wears to mow the lawn has a hole in it. ;)

Even funnier when he wears the same jeans to a gig, forgets to change his jeans, and after the first set, grabs a drink and says to me…”I forgot to change my jeans. These are the ones with the hole in the crotch.”

Yep…the girls down in front of the stage are getting a lovely view.

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