Rocking It Out With Your Junk Out???

I think we need to return to this...

Fashion statement gone horribly wrong?

Well, like I was writing earlier about the nakedness I’ve seen around NYC in broad daylight, I think this requires a little bit more of a post on just the fashion statement alone.

First, while protection of an idea or your own personal statement on fashion could be protected under the First Amendment for freedom of expression, it also in a huge way, can be illegal at the same time.

Exposing yourself to the public can be considered illegal. After all, if they created laws banning women from breast feeding in public, displaying your privates below the belt should be thrown into the mix as well.

Even if it is a fashion statement of sorts, there are children to consider here. A little 4 year old girl walks by a guy with his junk out AND sees it…child abuse? I know that exposing yourself to a minor IS considered ILLEGAL.

Keep your skirts on, ladies!

Just because you’re wearing clothes, doesn’t sneak by the whole exposing yourself to the public. Exposing your breasts are one thing…but taking the snatch and cock out (the sexual organs) out for the world to see…this would fall into indecency…real life pornography.

The “I know it when I see it” rule established by the Supreme Court…yeah, that indecency rule applies here.

As much as I’m not a fan of exposing your underwear for the world to see, I think the hip hop fashion world needs to take a step back and return to that world if the other alternative is rocking it with your cock out. OR better yet, pull your pants up. Who cares what underwear you’re wearing? Or how big your junk is? NOBODY BUT YOU.

Keep it in your pants.

You have to think about the kids first. If some guy came up to your kid with his junk in your kid’s face, how offended would you be? You’d probably either beat the crap out of the guy or kill him, right? Do you know how emotionally scarred that child would be FOR LIFE because of the fashion statement, freedom of expression you were trying to push onto the world?

Your rights end when it infringes on another person’s rights. And your rights are definitely NON-EXISTENT when a child’s well being is at stake. Ladies and gents, pull your skirts down and pull your pants up. Certain things should remain private.

If you want to rock it out…join a nudist colony.

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