The Players Guide to the NHL Awards

NHL Charity Shootout (c) 2009 Michelle Kenneth

If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet to the NHL Awards, you better get them now! Buy Your Tickets HERE at Ticketmaster

Now, before you fall over and faint at the ticket price for the nosebleeds, keep in mind that this ticket also gets you into the AFTER PARTY (free booze & food) and you get to party and mingle with the Award Nominees and various other celebrities and NHLers. Trust me, you’ll recognize the celebrities!

If you think about all of those charity events that teams put on where you get to meet the players and all…multiply the party by 100x and you’ve got the NHL Awards party.

Now, stay posted to this site my dear NHL lovers that are heading to Vegas. The NHL Awards isn’t the only thing happening as far as the NHL is concerned. You’ll find player filled events all over Vegas, and I’ll be updating you on the goings on.

For instance, last year, a few fans found out about Alexander Ovechkin filming scenes for an upcoming EA game IN FRONT of one of the hotels.

Then there was the secret (yet not so secretive) NHL Charity Shootout poker game. Wanna know how I found out about a lot of stuff that the media would have loved to have known? I found out at the poker games. The poker games are open to the public…well, some of them are.

Don’t be surprised if you’re walking through your choice hotel and find players gambling at the tables. Not all players stay at the Palms. I know, because all of the players I spoke to were staying anywhere BUT the Palms.

Mind you, book yourself at the Palms if you want to see Playboy-esque Bunnies roaming around. I was on the elevator with a NHL alum and we had to share the elevator with a bunny (gave a whole new meaning to House Bunny), and I think everyone on that elevator struggled not to look at her TaTas all the way down to the lobby (I said everyone…that included me!).

The party itself is always booming. Now last year, I was there for 15 minutes before I headed out. If you caught me there, you were in luck. If you didn’t…you were out of luck.

The reason why had more to do with the fact that Vegas is very tiring on my body. I was sick…had a lot of problems eating (nothing was going down)…and the smoke gave me an intense allergic reaction that the doctor was extremely concerned about when I returned from Vegas.

So if all fares well this year, maybe I’ll stick around longer at the party.

But last year, the highlight of the party for me was definitely seeing all of the Awards. The Vezina…is one of my favorites. After all, #3 Martin Brodeur is listed on there…somewhere.

As for what to do when not at the Awards? Bring your golf clubs.

Vegas boasts numerous golfing greens out in the middle of the desert. You can purchase tee times from $30 and on up. Arnold Palmer’s designed golf course at Red Rock Country Club will cost up to $195 for tee time.

As for shows, Erykah Badu will be on stage on Thursday night AFTER the Awards at the Palms (I plan on purchasing tickets).

One show I can’t wait to see is Criss Angel’s Believe Cirque du Soleil. I missed out on seeing the MindFreak’s show last year…I have every intention of going this year.

If you prefer the calm, peaceful experience (like I do), the Bellagio fountains are a must, as well as the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage.

Don’t forget to live it up at the Spa (I plan to).

Now, here’s some information I WISH I had last year when I went to Vegas…if you’re like me and are very sensitive (and highly allergic) to cigarette smoke, book at either the Platinum Hotel or The Signature at MGM Grand. Both hotels have NO CASINOS which means NO SMOKING.

Maybe this time I’ll be able to sleep without wanting to physically pluck my eyeballs out of my head because they hurt so badly.

What’s also great about the Platinum Hotel is that each suite comes equipped with a kitchen. This is perfect for me because I had a difficult time finding food that I could actually eat last year. Even the free stuff the NHL fed us…I could only drink the coffee. This time, I’ll be able to prepare all of my own organic dishes and not have to worry about not being able to find food that I can actually eat.

There is the exception though…I promised Buddy Oakes from that we’ll be feasting on an In-N-Out animal style burger while we’re in town. I’m making sure Buddy goes with me because the likelihood that I won’t be able to eat the entire thing is pretty high. I don’t want all of that food to go to waste, so Buddy will probably be getting 1/2 to 3/4 of the sandwich (NO JOKE)…probably 90% of the fries too (Buddy…we better make sure I’m liquored up before we hit In-N-Out).

Now, something I always do when I’m at a NHL gig on the road (besides getting a puck), I head out to one of the fine retailers (like Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus) to buy BURBERRY. Last time I was in Vegas, I scored so many great deals, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Even Neiman Marcus served up some amazing deals at the Fashion Mall.

Since the mall is generally empty at this time, except for those of us ladies that have some sort of connection to the NHL (as in players girlfriends/wives)…you can get some air conditioning relief while browsing major sales.

Make sure to pack your sunscreen and be prepared for 100 degree weather (i.e. golf in the early, early, early a.m. Tee times can begin at 6AM (hello…9AM on the East Coast…we can do it!)).

As for the ladies trying to find what they’re going to wear to the NHL Awards, I want to make a suggestion that you need to keep in mind: 1. It’s the Desert. 2. Black is so NYC. 3. It’s the Desert. 4. It’s Summer. 5. It’s the Desert. Wear a dress that isn’t too thick, isn’t black, something that breathes, and something NON-NYC.

Trust me…the sea of black compared to my vibrant floral dress made me stand out compared to the rest of the ladies there. Wear a dress for the weather and the time of year. Dark colors are soooo NYC and WINTER! It’s June. It’s the summer. It’s the desert.

Truthfully, I felt bad for all of the other women there that didn’t dress accordingly. They all looked at me like “Why didn’t I think of that?” I don’t know…why didn’t you? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize June…Desert…Summer…

Wearing a little black dress in Vegas in the middle of June…gotta say…FAUX PAS up the wazoo. Don’t do it. You’ll regret it.

For more information on hotels, goings on in Vegas, go to

As for what I’m going to do while I’m in Vegas, I’ve come up with an interesting plan. Since I’m usually hanging out with the most interesting NHL bunch out there in the most obscure settings (I mean come on…13 hours with Roberto Luongo…that’s more time than most people get with him in an entire season)…I’m going to Live Tweet a lot of the stuff…and I’m going to get the players in on it…just for the hell of it.

Pictures will be taken. Interviews will be done. Random weirdness will be tweeted…and the WORST/BEST Dressed List will be finalized.

Now, for those players that have met me, they know I wait to release certain information. I either wait until I’m given the go ahead or I just never release it. Then again, sometimes…I wait until the right moment to release the information (like the Lindsay Lohan deal). I can store that information for 3-4 years before I’ll release it. When I do…boy, it’s a gem. :)

You should be asking…when is Michelle going to release her Kovalchuk information??? I’m waiting for the right moment because it’s gonna be good. See…this is what happens when I ask the questions that really matter…like what the fans really want to know. That’s more important to me than replaying the play by play on the ice. After all, in Vegas, there’s no game…just a bunch of NHL types running around Vegas.

So you know how we tweet our Threesome Adventures? The Vegas Experience will be quite similar.

I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll let me hang out with the Stanley Cup again this year. That was definitely one of the highlights last year…even if I had to share it with a few other hockey players (hey, they weren’t allowed to touch it either! Despite what Luongo tries to tell you. Just don’t listen to him…). :p

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