She’s Got the New Look

I thought it was time to revamp the site, figure out how to add certain links, give my fans a little something more to have access to, since I felt limited in how the last page looked. So along with a new look, there’s a new name to the site because Weblog just seemed so…Michelle didn’t know what the fuck was going on moment…

Some days I feel like I should just take a few classes on website design 101 just so I can figure out how to do simple things…I mean the simplest things. I’m lucky I was able to do what I did on the site now to give you guys some new options.

As for news, I found out this morning that I had done it. I had finally beaten the NHL. I am now ranked 5 points ahead of for hockey news. WOW! Right?

That has been my goal as of late…to rank higher than the NHL (and it’s my off-season). It finally happened. Everybody else…I don’t care about in the rankings…just the NHL, because I look up to those guys.

But I also do note that the Devils are 36 points behind me.

So thanks to everyone for bringing in the traffic to up my rankings. But I don’t know how the NHL could all of a sudden be ranked 5 points behind me. Now, that’s just crazy! I know Lindsay Lohan isn’t that big of news. Oh wait…it was the Players Guide to the NHL Awards. :)

Since I started ranting in this post about stuff that I’ve been pondering as of late, I realized…nah, I’m gonna wait until tomorrow to start back on my Favorite Things of the Season. This one is going to be very heavily laden with Devils stuff, because I actually didn’t go on the road once this season.

Although, next season…I start off the season in Prague. I wish I could start every season in Prague. I love that city!

Speaking of which, I want to introduce you to my buddy, Prague Princess. Boys, you have my permission to drool. I want to be her when I grow up.

The Princess and I will be meeting up when I’m in Prague in October (we missed each other last time, because there was a problem with my damn phone). A mistake that will not happen again!

Here she is…Enjoy, boys!

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