To Fill the Hockey Void

In a week or less, hockey on the ice will come to an official end for those who watch hockey religiously. The Stanley Cup will be lifted and it’s back to off-season business as usual…rumors, drafts, free agency, etc.

Now, some of you are not like me and record certain international games to study over the summer to watch for names that have not yet hit the NHL. Like I said, some of you are just not as religious as I am when it comes to the study of hockey.

Trust me, I even watch training videos of players training in Europe when they’re sent to me. Who said I wasn’t training myself for my dream job?

I always have something to watch. I don’t suffer from hockey withdrawal…and that’s because the off-season is just as busy for me as the regular season. I get one month off if the Devils leave the playoffs in the first round and then it’s back to work.

But for those of you who need to watch hockey, how about updating your Netflix queue and ordering a few hockey movies?

Russ Cohen ( and I were talking last night about the best hockey movies out there. He has his lists. Ironically, I don’t have a best of list. So this summer, there will be a list of the Best and Worst Hockey films out there.

So to help some of you out, here are a few of the movies I’ll be reviewing this summer…

Slap Shot 1-3 (I’ve seen them all…1 was the best. 3 gets creds ONLY because Mark Messier was in the film)
The Rocket (Sean Avery, Vinny Lecavalier, Ian Laperriere and others star)
Hockey Mom
Miracle (you’re an idiot in hockey if you’ve never seen this movie)
Hockey Night
Mystery, Alaska (Rangers playing against Russell Crowe…I’ll take it)
Youngblood (I hate this movie, but guys like it…I only remember the sex scene…and I really think that’s the reason why the guys like it…because they keep talking about the chick in this movie)
Bon Cop, Bad Cop
The Rhino Brothers
The Tooth Fairy
MVP-Most Valuable Primate
The Boys
(Which ironically stars: Marc Messier…note spelling)
Mighty Ducks 1-3 (Mike Modano…Chris Chelios and others make appearances)
Sure Shot Dombrowski
The Tournament
The Love Guru

Now for those who miss Brendan Shanahan (funny how this blog nurtures those addicted to Shanny news)…You can see him in such movies as In The Crease AND Me, Myself and Irene. Yes, he is in the latter. The latter has NADA to do with hockey, but a lot of hockey players make their appearances as cops and such. You can’t miss Shanny. If you do…start the video all over again. YOU CAN’T MISS HIM. And then if you still can’t find him…wait till the credits. It shows you the exact scene YOU MISSED.

And he wasn’t in Forrest Gump. No matter what he tells you. He confessed and the Detroit Red Wings outed him and said he was never in the film. He made it up to make it look like he had an interesting summer.

So Shanny fans that frequent this blog…you should have enough to suffice you through his retirement years. [Although, MSG should release the Profile of Brendan Shanahan that they did and put it on video. Great documentary on Shanny.]

Another eccentric hockey movie find stars JON BON JOVI. NO JOKE. Then I thought, well isn’t that weird…wasn’t Shanny at a Bon Jovi concert recently? Movie is called National Lampoon’s Pucked.

Now ladies…I found an important hockey movie find…I almost melted when I saw the name headlining the movie…COLIN FIRTH. Sexy British man in a hockey movie…could the summer heat up any hotter? This may become my new favorite hockey movie. It’s called Dutch Girls. Currently #1 in the Netflix Queue. [Sam and Dean may have some competition this summer…]

So if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to make the best and worst of hockey movies (not documentaries)…feel free to comment or send me a note on Twitter (@MichelleKenneth).

The list will be unveiled…SOON.

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