We’ll Love You Forever

If you were following Twitter over the holiday weekend, you would have spotted a few crazy tweets from the usual hockey player bunch. @jtootoo22 (Jordin Tootoo, Nashville Predators) was making his trip back home. @dellis39 (Dan Ellis, Nashville Predators) was displaying that he was still the King of Tweets from the NHL when he posted this:

Just saw a lady dancing and whistling to Yankee doodle in the grocery store and in my distraction almost crashed my cart into a 90yr old man

I think I was laughing for several hours after reading that tweet. It was just too funny.

Even the Rangers were on board with their Tweetathon Memorial Day weekend…and fans were loving it.

Of course, if anyone tweets this kind of photo:

Henrik Lundqvist (photo by Aaron Voros)

All of the ladies are going to be very happy that they got to see one of the top dressed in the NHL wearing only swim trunks.

Who tweeted it? @Voros34 (Aaron Voros, New York Rangers)

We thank you, Aaron.

BUT…things took a turn for the worst and Voros deleted his Twitter account.

@seanaverydotcom (Sean Avery, New York Rangers) (and Voros’ partner in crime) had something to say about the deletion of the account.

@Voros34 you are quitter. Don’t go thru life letting the establishment dictate how u ROLL…”Sometimes u just have to say Fu#$ it”

I couldn’t agree more.

So if the Rangers were behind the deletion…LAME. Voros did nothing wrong. There was nothing wrong with what he tweeted or the pictures he posted. There have been worse photos sent around by hockey players.

Case in point…JIRI TLUSTY (Carolina Hurricanes) holds the Championship Top Honors in that category. NO ONE can beat the photos of Jiri circulating around the net [FYI, he took photos of himself nekkid and sent it to a girl, she sold the pics].

Not to mention the fake-Frenching picture of Jiri and his friend. That one caused more uproar than the nekkid, and umm…erect position he was taking.

Then there was the party limo with the Chicago Blackhawks this season. John Madden, Patrick Kane and company with women galore and no shirts on. [Sorry boys, I had to…]

[Why Patrick, where are your pants?]

[Are your pants undone, Patrick?]

[Yeah…I dunno what you’re up to Mad Dog. Don’t wanna know…]

I believe those limo party pics take second prize (possibly third or fourth prize, because Jiri had a few scandalous photos out there…which I’m NOT posting).

But Henrik Lundqvist in a swimsuit, or watching a little kid washing his car?

Lundqvist Supervising 3-Year Old Washing His Car (Aaron Voros)

That’s got nothing on the Blackhawks or JIRI TLUSTY.

Those pics were all calm…and there’s nothing wrong with tweeting about your Memorial day weekend if you’re a hockey player. It gains more interest than the latest hockey news on Voros which happens to be weeks old and involves Lindsay Lohan throwing a drink in Voros’ girlfriend’s face at a club in Manhattan. I’d prefer the calm vacation pics from the Hamptons than reading about Lohan fighting with the New York Rangers.

All I can say, Voros…the New York Rangers have got you whipped. If you ask me…you’re on the list of guys that will be screwed over by them. You can’t get off that list no matter how many pals you’ve got on the team…JUST WAIT…you’ll see what I mean. Keep in mind, I’ve watched it happen one too many times with various players that WERE a New York Ranger. The signs are there…after all, the Devils media like to joke about how my specialty is in disgruntled former New York Rangers.

So like Sean says, “Fu#$ it.” But I’ll say, FUCK IT.

At any rate Aaron, on behalf of all women in the world, thank you for tweeting that photo of Lundqvist. You are our hero of the off-season. We will love you forever. ;)

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