The 2010 List of the NHL’s Top 5 Best/Worst Dressed

For this year’s list, there are new rules.  The first rule is that a player had to have played in one regular season game in order to qualify for the list.  So last year’s #1 Best Dressed Brendan Shanahan does not qualify for the list since he was not an active player on October 1, 2009.
No one that played in the KHL is eligible (unless they played one regular season game in the NHL…very likely that it didn’t happen).

A couple of players that made the best dressed list last year were able to have some input on who they thought were the best/worst dressed players in the NHL.  No surprise that they would pick their own teammates to headline that list.

There are a few additions and deletions.  There’s even a practical joke being played in this year’s list.  But rest assured, the long awaited list is here and ready to be unveiled.

And once again…Vincent LeCavalier did not make the list.  Read on to figure out why.


5. Donald Brashear (New York Rangers).  I never would have guessed that Mike Green would choose Donald Brashear as the guy he thought was the best dressed in the NHL.  Believe it or not, Green wasn’t joking.

I had to do a Google search on Brashear just to sit back and say…WHOA…now that’s a man that can dress well.  Kind of in a…Shanahan stopped me dead in my tracks…kind of dress (read last year’s list for the #1 best dressed position to understand the reference). 

Very sharp, very debonaire, very much what I was not expecting from him.  But I will say this about black male athletes…they know how to dress.  Just look at Kevin Weekes!

4.  Henrik Lundqvist (New York Rangers).

Isn't He Just Dreamy? (Look at the way he looks at people)

Like the King could ever lose a best dressed spot.  He actually climbs one notch this year.  Why?  Because of the photos released by the New York Rangers this year.

If Henrik wasn’t a Rangers goalie, he really could qualify as a supermodel.  He has the right look.  I’m surprised he’s not been approached by Ralph Lauren or Nautica to pose for them. 

He’s so photogenic…I’ve never seen a single picture where Henrik actually looked bad.  Even the photos that #1 Worst Dressed has taken of Henrik on his phone…they were all really good.  Henrik doesn’t take a bad photo.

As for the clothes…it doesn’t matter what the man wears.  I still say the same thing…who wears who?  Do the clothes wear Henrik or does Henrik wear the clothes.  It’s the person, not the clothes he wears that makes this best dressed list.

3. Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins). 

Sidney Crosby...It's All In The Details

 Crosby may look simplistic in his clothing, but if you look closely, you’ll notice the fine details in the clothing that he wears.  Granted, that’s what I look for in the clothing that I buy.  Sid apparently does too.  Never did I think Crosby would make this list, but when I saw the details in a polo he was wearing in Vegas, followed by the suit he wore the next day, I realized this kid knows a thing or two about fine clothing.  It’s in the finer details.  His eye for great clothing puts him on this list.

Courtesy of

2.  Yann Danis (New Jersey Devils). 

Marty Brodeur's Pick for Best Dressed

Would you believe that this is Martin Brodeur’s pick for best dressed this year?

Now, I got a good look at what Yann was wearing (without realizing it), and I’m going to have to agree with Marty.  There’s something about the way the Devils backup goalie dresses that is worth taking note. 

“I think Yann Danis dresses pretty sharp,” Brodeur said.  “I really don’t look at guys and the way they dress.  Outside, I don’t see many other players on other teams because we don’t get to see them all dressed up.  On our team, probably Yann is one of the top guys.”

1. Garnet Exelby (Toronto Maple Leafs).  Now, how does this guy make the list?  While I was sitting up in the press box at MSG, Garnet and a couple of the Leafs players sat down next to me.  They kept looking over at me…only God knows why.  When they got up at the end of the second period to head back down to the visiting team’s locker room, I looked over at them getting ready to head down the stairs, that was when I saw Garnet looking right at me.  He put his fedora on and tipped his hat to me.  I sat back and said to myself, ‘that right there is what qualifies as #1 best dressed on my list.’ 

You can’t just wear nice clothes to qualify for this list, you have to work the clothes.  The clothes help define your character.  Exelby knew how to work it, thus the reason why he is #1 this year.


5. Ryan Miller (Buffalo Sabres).

Front & Center Ryan Miller

My dear  Ryan Miller just hasn’t been the same since he chopped off his long locks and opted for a shorter cut.

He could be all grungy with the long locks…and he still would have looked like a man deserving of the top honors on the best dressed list…but chop off the locks and Samson’s just not as interesting as he used to be to Delilah.

Now, I have a lot of respect for Ryan Miller but I have to say…seeing him over this past week, I had to cringe and say…you’re not that same Ryan Miller anymore.  He just doesn’t have what it takes anymore to pull off any outfit.

4. Scott Hartnell (Philadelphia Flyers). 

Scott Hartnell

So his hair has been the butt of jokes lately.  But what I find interesting is that I posted a picture of this guy waving at me at the NHL Awards…put up that it was Scott Hartnell…and NO ONE caught on that it wasn’t him!

The GEICO Caveman

That was the GEICO Caveman’s picture that I posted up…and NO ONE caught on that was not Scott Hartnell.  They just assumed that Scott Hartnell was waving at me at the NHL Awards. 

So seriously…it’s not a joke…Hartnell apparently looks like a caveman and no one can tell the difference anymore. 

I will say this though…the GEICO Caveman cleans up way better than Hartnell.  I’m just saying…look at the two photos.

3. David Clarkson (New Jersey Devils).  Whoa…Clarky made the worst dressed list?  How is that possible? 

Marty Brodeur put him on that list.  When Marty told me that his pick for worst dressed in the NHL was David Clarkson, I had to think about that one.  Then I realized…oh yeah…that Kangol hat he was wearing for the Clarky’s Kids photoshoot made him look as old as my grandpa.

Now that I take a closer look at the clothes…yep…yeah…DON’T.  Actually, that shirt that you’re wearing in that photo…find it and burn it.  Don’t donate it to charity for some other poor bloke to think it was cool to wear.  Just do away with it altogether.  I will let this Green Faux Pas pass if you just burn its ugliness out of existence. 

Clarky may have the looks of a Devilish God, but not the fashion sense of a Devil in Disguise.  Old Man…yeah…Clarky…that’s how Jeremy Roenick made last year’s list!  He dressed like an old man, got put on this list and next…the man is OFF THE LIST COMPLETELY because someone told him why he made the list.  He doesn’t dress like that anymore!

“Worst dressed?” Marty Brodeur asked.  “Probably David Clarkson.”

“Really?”  I asked.

“Yeah.  Just because he’s going to be pissed off because he’s going to hear that I said that about him.”

[Oh, and David, Marty expects you to call him now that he’s embarrassed the hell out of you in my blog.  Gotta say, goalies have a way of embarrassing the hell out of David Clarkson in front of me.  Marty…Weekes…yeah…we’re still laughing.] 

Strangely enough, I can see Clarky’s face turning red right now after reading his placement on this list (and everyone else on the team laughing hysterically).  That’s what makes it even funnier.

So take some fashion advice from last year’s honorable mention for #1 best dressed last year…he’s not just a great veteran, but apparently he’s got a great tailor.  I think you should get the address for Marty’s tailor and GO!

Consider this an intervention.

2. Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals). 

The Greasy Part Takes Away From the HOT look

Now if last year’s #3 best dressed hadn’t pointed this out to me, I never would have thought of putting Ovi on this list.  But he made his point and it was loud and clear.

Mike Green’s worst dressed is Alexander Ovechkin.  When asked, “Why?”  He pointed over to Ovechkin and said, “Look at him.  He’s greasy!”  He even shuddered when he looked over at him.

I then realized…oooh…he makes a very strong point.  Even the media guys were remarking on how bad Ovechkin looked (and they didn’t even know about this list). 

Ovi…whatever hair product you’re using…you may want to steer clear from it because it’s grossing your teammate out.

Then again, I think you grossed out the media this past week too.  Granted, I thought the clothes you were in during the Awards were pretty hot…but it was the clothes that were hot…I’m afraid Mike’s right…the greasy part made ya a NOT.

I saved the best one for last

1.  Sean Avery (New York Rangers).  Like he could fall off of this list!  Now, I had hopes for Sean.  I really did.  Until I saw him coming out of the Rangers locker room in a leprechaun green suit in PLAID.  I don’t care what affiliation of plaid it comes from…it was plaid. 

Plaid seems to be the ongoing theme for Avery…like it barfed all over his closet.

Avery can be hot when NOT IN PLAID.  But IN PLAID…God help his wardrobe.

Here is the best and worst of Avery…the HOTs and NOTs of Mr. Fashionisto of the NHL.  (Sorry Sean, I borrowed the pics from your Tweetphoto.  After all, my comments to you every single time you wore plaid was about to culminate into one single post!)






Yeah...Sooo NOT

Very HOT

So Very NOT!

Just for the record…that last pic…that’s a shirt…not a cardigan/shirt.  The plaid/sweater combo…all one shirt.  I think someone cut up a sweater and sewed it onto the plaid shirt.  Ironically enough…I want to say it was Sean, because I’ve seen that red plaid shirt and that gray cardigan before.

But you get my drift here…the HOT photos are Sean NOT IN PLAID.  The NOTs are ALL IN PLAID.  Then again…everyone still talks about this photo (from Vogue):

The image that won #1 Last Year in Worst Dressed

Actually, Buddy Oakes from Preds On The Glass mentioned it after the Awards in Vegas on Wednesday.  Even he was disgusted by it!  (And Buddy has been aiming for the #1 spot in worst dressed in the media.)

I won’t even go into how ugly the shoes are.  I think they speak for themselves.

So Sean…stay away from the plaids in every shape and form it comes in and maybe, just maybe I won’t be able to find a gazillion plaid photos of you from the past 6 months alone…and you’ll actually make #1 on the Best Dressed List.  I will make an exception to the plaid.  If you wear ONLY Burberry plaid, I will let it slide. 

Once again, Sean Avery dominates the Dork Couture of the NHL.  (For the record, I had more NOT photos than HOT photos…took a while to find a HOT photo to balance out the list)

[Thanks to Vanessa Perry for the weird sweater/plaid shirt combo.]

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