I’m breaking the Kovalchuk ban today for a reason.

I had a nightmare last night about something I know about his trip to Los Angeles. I wasn’t going to say anything because the Kovalchuk ban is in place [the ban is a ban on discussing rumors surrounding Kovalchuk’s potential signing], but after the nightmare last night…that’s a mix of my conscience telling me I need to say something.

What happened in the dream was a Kovalchuk signing. The team, of course, ended up being a foreign team (i.e. it wasn’t the Devils). What transpired in the dream was just bad. People had turned against him, talked ill of him, his teammates laughed at him.

Of course, it turned into a hell to the point that Kovalchuk was shot in the leg.

Usually a hell-like dream is a sign that things have gone terribly wrong and an intervention needs to happen before the person pursues that path (in other words…that’s not the right path in life that was designed for them).

Just because I haven’t been writing about the Kovalchuk saga doesn’t mean that I haven’t been following it or talking to various people about what’s happening.

His recent trip to LA has one of those…Michelle knows something because someone said something elements around it. [Kind of like that moment when I said something to Martin Brodeur in Vegas (off the record) about something I knew that I wouldn’t have known about unless someone close to the situation had told me. I wasn’t there when it happened, but Marty and the other person was.]

I said before that LA was superficial. People there are very fake. They pretend to be your friend and speak ill of you the second you turn away. You can’t trust anyone out there. Hardly anyone is genuine.

They will use you to get what they want out of you, bad mouth you the entire time behind your back, and then when they are done with you, they want nothing more to do with you. It’s all about what YOU can do for THEM.

You can’t have real friendships or relationships with these people. You can’t trust that they are like you.

Everyone wants to be a celebrity out there. They are not your cheerleaders if fame is in your cards. They are the ones that talk crap about you and hate you.

It’s like getting shot in the leg by people you think you can trust.

They’re not your friends.

People that go to LA aren’t always like those people, but they change into those people. It can be a hell-like atmosphere. You become (as one friend put it) the wicked.

You are what you hang with.

Los Angeles is probably one of the most loneliest places on the planet. Even in marriages and families, people get so caught up in that world that they lose sight of what really matters the most.

As celebrities will tell you…fame…it’s not real. The people you meet along that route are not your friends. It’s all about what they can leech off of you.

I’m only saying all of this because I heard something that came out of Kovalchuk’s visit in LA. If he knew what I heard, Kings chances of signing Kovalchuk would be ZERO, because just like I said before, LA is filled with superficial people.

Kovalchuk would be shocked to hear what I heard.

The impression I got was that Kovy doesn’t want to go to LA. It also sounded like what would be his teammates didn’t want him there either. A big name like Kovalchuk in LA…takes away from their fame card.

Going back to the dream…put the pieces together.

I am under the impression that Kovy needs a bargaining chip. He needs more than one team interested in him so that he can get what he wants from the team that he really wants to sign with. But he is looking for a knock my socks off offer that just isn’t coming.

I don’t know…if it were me…I’d consider that a sign.


There are elements in signing Kovalchuk that fans don’t understand. We are in a recession. Signing Kovalchuk with a future salary cap destined to be decreased, along with talks of another lockout in 2012, Kovy falls into a realm where if it were 3 years ago, he wouldn’t have this kind of problem. He would’ve signed already.

But the future of NHL teams has put Kovy in a bind. He wants to remain, but there are difficulties getting him what he deserves, including that lockout protection. Teams are too scared to give him that 2012 protection if there is indeed a lockout.

They need a lifetime commitment out of him for the money he deserves. That’s just recession economics talking. This isn’t like 3 years ago. Kovy’s free agency just came at a bad time during a global recession.

There are no guarantees that he would get paid in the KHL (at least for what he signed for). Not so long ago players didn’t get paid for their services rendered. When they finally got their paychecks again, they were told that they had to take a severe paycut in order for the league to survive.

That was at the beginning of the recession. Since then, one team has folded. Another didn’t generate enough money and couldn’t be included in the KHL in the 2010-2011 season. Two additional teams have entered the KHL to replace the two…but keep in mind that team that folded was in the biggest city populationwise: Moscow.

Sure, Kovalchuk’s future contract is in limbo at the moment, but keep in mind that the league is watching. The contract will be investigated just like Hossa’s contract and Luongo’s contract was.

Kovalchuk is looking for a safety net during the course of this contract. After all, he cannot command the salaries that Crosby or Ovechkin are commanding…simply because he’s entering the UFA market at a bad time in the global economy.

Teams have to think about their futures just as much as Kovalchuk does. I feel bad for the teams interested in Kovy, just as much as I feel bad for Kovy. It will get worked out, but not like fans are thinking it will be worked out.

If it was about money, he would have signed with the Devils already. From what I have heard, the Devils have had the biggest $ on the table. There are other elements involved which we’re not privy to, but it is the cause of the hold up.


If someone offered you an all-expense paid trip to LA just to woo you, why wouldn’t you take it? It’s like timeshares. You listen to their spiel. Doesn’t mean you have to buy into it. Just enjoy the free stuff they are offering and then leave them without signing anything.

But it’s true that you do want to think about it afterwards. You weigh the pros and cons. In this case, after what I heard…there are too many cons to even consider signing with them.


I want to clear up some of this stuff I’m hearing from media…

It’s from my understanding that Kovy, not the Kings, walked away from the table each time.

Kings are so desperate to sign Kovy, they invited him to LA to meet with management, some future teammates, and had the wives meet up with his wife to take her out shopping. They were the ones wooing Kovy, not the other way around.

Why would the Kings arrange for the royal treatment if Kovy was the one pursuing them? [Think for a second, people.]

He went to LA for the first time on Sunday to hear what they had to say (not three times). It’s easier to persuade someone to sign if you can talk face to face with them and try to sell the idea to them. Quite another when you have to work through an agent and not the player.

The Kovalchuk camp needs another team interested in him to gain leverage to get the contract that they really want from the team that Kovalchuk really wants to sign with.

Based on what I heard…I don’t think Kovalchuk liked Hollywood all that much. Why else would the Kings be so tight-lipped today?

Kovy’s camp will take what happened in LA and take it to the table with the Devils.

As for the KHL…if they were ever really in the running, Kovy would have signed by now because the KHL pre-season starts sooner rather than later. In other words, his summer would be over in a few short weeks.

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