Kevin Weekes For Nashville

Something unusual is happening in the land of the Predators. Fans and bloggers alike are banning together to start a Kevin Weekes to the Nashville Predators campaign.

Luckily, I know the guy that started it all…followed by the guy that took it up a notch [see what happens when Nashville adopts you as one of their own].

The guy that started it all has asked me to guest host his show on Monday when Kevin Weekes calls in to FINALLY do the show we’ve been talking about doing for months now.

So here are the details:

WHO: Preds On The Glass Radio (POTG)
WHEN: Monday, July 19th at 8PM EDT

For more details on the Weekes to Nashville campaign: Kevin Weekes For Back-up

Guaranteed this show will be on the funny side because Weekes and I have a few inside jokes here and there about certain New Jersey Devils. So Clarky…you may want to listen in to see how much we’ll embarrass you on the radio!

Some history between me and Weekes:

1. Kevin has been around for my entire hockey life in NYC as a) a fan of hockey and b) a hockey columnist. He played for both teams I ended up writing for/being a fan of. I used to sit behind this guy all of the time when he played for the Rangers…so I have a lot of memories of him when I was a fan.

2. The first time David Clarkson ever embarrassed the hell out of himself was when I was interviewing Weekes in the Devils locker room. Weekes was talking about the plights out on the ice and how the game can change so quickly before your eyes. Right as he was saying that, Clarky tripped over his feet in front of us. Weekes exclaimed, “Like that!” We both broke out into laughter and Clarky immediately became red faced and speechless. It took him a few seconds to muster “Shut up” before walking out of the locker room, completely mortified.

3. Oh, but we’re not done with Clarky yet. Clarky’s nickname was actually developed after I did a special feature on Clarkson last year. The two-part series reminded Weekes of the Canadian Albert’s Tire Commercial about a kid that no one wanted to play on their hockey team. That kid one day grew up to play in the NHL. Since then, we’ve been calling Clarky, “ALBERT.”

[For more on goaltenders embarrassing the hell out of David Clarkson (to me), see what Martin Brodeur did in my 2010 Top 5 Best/Worst Dressed List.]

4. Weekes and I have an ongoing joke about Brian Gionta’s height. I showed up one night wearing 4 inch heels in the locker room. I was very proud of the fact that I was actually taller than a hockey player by an inch or two when I stood next to Gionta (I’m 5’4″). So Kevin asked me if Gio had his skates on when I was wearing these heels. Then he asked if perhaps Gio’s hair was taller that night in order for me to be 1″ or 2″ taller than him. It was a pretty hilarious exchange. Next thing you know…we have a measuring tape debate. Who is willing to measure Gio to get his real height?

I was the first one to get to Gio. I asked him how tall he was. He immediately responded, “5’8″.” I looked at him weird because comparing myself to Gio, our shoulders matched up and everything. He got a little defensive when I asked him if he’d submit to a measuring tape…but he was willing to go up against the ruler.

I told Kevin that I swore that Brian was the same height as me. I turned it over to him to measure the Canadien.

Weekes saw him a day or two later and told him what the real deal was with my questioning. Kevin reported back to me that Gio was howling with laughter over this whole ‘height’ thing. So now, if anyone asks…Gio says he’s 5’8″. I’m the same height as Gio, so I’m 5’8″. If anyone has a problem with that…please take it up with Gio. ;)

5. Now I have fashion lists, reporters always talk about how I’m a fashionista, going to fashion shows, etc. I DO NOT compare to Kevin. He’s worse than me. The love for fashion, great sales, etc. put Kevin on my #1 Alumni Best Dressed List. I was even more surprised when Marty Brodeur told me that Weekes never wore the same suit twice. He had 82 different suits for each game in each season that Weekes played for the Devils. Crazy, right? Truth is…the man loves to shop. You need fashion/home decor advice…Kevin’s your man.


So as you can see…Monday…you guys will be in for a treat. I don’t think Buddy Oakes knows what he got himself into…

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