Peer Pressure

Before I get started on something I read yesterday from Patrik Elias, I want to direct you to a parody from a takeoff of something I said in yesterday’s blog post: Kovalchuk & Time Shares?

It’s rather ironic how Chris Wassel ended up reading yesterday’s post. The second he started reading it, the heavens opened up and started pouring down rain. Quite ironic, indeed…considering what I was talking about (start eerie music).

So back to Patty. Patty said something interesting to the press regarding Kovalchuk (from Mike Morreale, “I texted him a couple of days ago, but got no response,” Elias said. “I think he’s getting a lot of those. I just told him I heard he was coming back and that I hoped it was true and that was it. I didn’t get any response … so.”

Now, part of me can understand why he didn’t respond. Then I backtracked and thought…but it’s Patrik Elias.

I tweeted this after: “U know, if Patrik Elias text me…I think I would have returned the text…unless Kovy had no idea who the text was from…”

To which Allan Walsh (Patrik’s agent) tweeted me: “I know that when Patty Elias texts me, I return it! LOL!”

So this got me to thinking…why don’t the Devils try a new tactic in getting Kovalchuk to sign? It’s apparent his teammates want him back. If management were okay with it…I’d have every member of the Devils texting Kovalchuk non-stop until he signs, just to show that they want the Russian back on their team. I call it peer pressure from the family that wants him to stay.

One person in particular, Martin Brodeur, should be blowing up Kovalchuk’s phone with text messages “When are you going to sign with the Devils? We’re waiting.”

Why Marty? Because…Kovy is a quiet (think HUGE) fan of Marty’s. That’s not really an assumption. It’s just based on things I was told by the Kovalchuk camp.

Zach Parise, Travis Zajac and all the guys Kovy was hanging out with should start texting the guy. I think peer pressure would get Kovy to sway and finally ink the deal.

After all, it’s very apparent that Elias is just as anxious to find out where Kovy signs as the rest of us are. We all kind of want it to end. It’s July 14th. TWO WEEKS of waiting!

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