Ilya To Remain a Devil

Ends up Ilya stayed true to his word and re-signed with the New Jersey Devils.

There wasn’t much that I could write today because everything that went into inking Kovalchuk has been said before, numerous times. My sources were always Ilya Kovalchuk and his agent. Whether you chose to believe what they were saying was up to you.

Ilya to Remain a Devil

Tonight, I’ll be talking with Preds On The Glass and Kevin Weekes. The Kovalchuk signing changes the dynamics of the show, but we will stay close to the format of the Weekes for Nashville campaign. Either way, I’m sure Weekes will have some input on the signing. Here are the details to tonight’s show: POTG Radio.

Also joining us tonight is Launy from Hockey 54. Great guy…great personality to go with it.

What’s upcoming for me…yesterday, I booked a couple of interviews. One of which was Jay Grossman (Kovalchuk’s agent). At the time, I emailed Jay, I mentioned nothing about Ilya. We were talking about a different story that I’m working on dealing with a hockey team in Russia. Ends up one of his clients played for that team. He just so happens to be the newest Devil. Two birds, one stone.

But what I’m most interested in is what has happened over the last 19 days. I wasn’t going to inquire about Ilya yesterday, but now that I think back on it…I think the clue there was…Kovy is signing in New Jersey and SOON. So now we have something else to talk about beyond Russian hockey teams and Anton Volchenkov.


I want to take a moment and congratulate David Clarkson on his recent marriage. Many best wishes to you and your bride. May you have a wonderful, fun, and incredible life together.

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