The Day After

There are a few items I’m going to discuss today…all hockey related. {Please forgive me if today’s post seems random and all over the place…the past couple of days have been mentally draining.}

FIRST Kovalchuk.

Yesterday, I received a lot of Michelle Kenneth was right emails and tweets. My response to all of that is that it’s not about me being right about a ‘prediction.’ I reported on exactly what I was told by Ilya and Jay Grossman. I had to spin the same information over and over again in numerous ways. Whether you chose to believe what they told me was up to you.

Even when the obvious was there every time I said LOOK AT THE PUCK AGENCY BLOG if you don’t believe me. Every article they posted about the saga had something to do with Ilya Kovalchuk and the Devils. There was NEVER any other team that was featured on their website or blog with regards to Kovalchuk. It was always the Devils.

Generally, I don’t always run with something that a player tells me regarding free agency. Why? Because there have been situations in the past where a player said one thing and did something totally different than what he said he was going to do (Jagr, anyone?).

In this case, Jay assured me that if Kovy said it to me…that meant he was going to do it. He was 100% true to his word. I trusted Jay when he told me that and went ahead and published what was said from Kovalchuk and Jay. Guess what? Everything they said was 100% FACTUAL. They NEVER wavered from what was told to me. Ergo, there was no reason why I should waver from what I repeated from the beginning.

Ironically, that’s how the Devils played their cards too. From Jay Grossman:

New Jersey remained absolutely steadfast in their interest. They were patient. They were understanding. They didn’t change their viewpoint, their position, anything in terms of their approach throughout the entire time.

[Source: Battle of NY]

Trying to get people on board with that whole…Kovy told me this AND he’s true to his word…was an extremely hard sell. He said he’d entertain free agency. He did. He said he’d like to remain with the Devils. He did.

It wasn’t a matter of if I was right. It was a matter of Kovalchuk being right. Jay Grossman was right. I only repeated what they told me. Kovalchuk re-signing with the New Jersey Devils only means that he is true to his word (like I’ve repeated in my posts again and again).

Sometimes when I write certain posts, there are trigger words that I use that only the parties involved will catch onto. It’s like what Kevin Weekes was talking about last night on Preds On The Glass. If you don’t want someone to know who or what you’re talking about, you speak in code. In hockey terms, players and agents pick up on these codes if it pertains to them.

The “Kings?” post that really upset a lot of people was written purely in code. It wasn’t meant for anyone to understand EXCEPT Kovalchuk’s camp during their blackout phase of talking to the media. It was filled with trigger words to explain exactly what I knew without coming out and saying what I knew for others to pick up on and repeat to the masses.

The words used throughout showed that yes, there was a situation that developed that his camp had to be aware of. If it came across as me being mad…that’s because it was exactly the way the situation was to be perceived.

I never spoke ill of the LA Kings or their fans. I was describing the situation. Players know that if I had a dream or if I picked up on something that wasn’t said…that is to be taken seriously. This time, someone had said something. Kovalchuk’s camp knows that I wouldn’t repeat it unless I had proof to back me up.

I don’t expect everyone to like this blog. Each person has a certain person they run to for news. The way Eklund has tried to describe this site is that it’s more on the ‘spiritual’ side of hockey.

This is what he had to say about the Kovalchuk signing yesterday:

First, props to Michelle Kenneth from

She told me from the outset she believed Kovalchuk had one team he wanted to play for, and that team was the NJ Devils. She came to this conclusion based on discussion with Ilya and his agent Jay Grossman dating back to April. Her hunch and perception were truly remarkable. I recommend following her on twitter @MichelleKenneth and reading her on and on

From Preds On The Glass:

should also be noted that Michelle never wavered on her prediction that Ilya Kovalchuck would remain a Devil.

Michelle never wavered from her belief that Kovi would remain a Devil. She got big props from Eklund for being right all along the way.

It has been talked about in the Devils territory that I do pick up on things that are not said and it scares the crap out of them sometimes. Sometimes they don’t want that information to get out there because when they are approached about it later, it’s not always a good thing. But at the same time, they are interested in what I have to say about it. I’m not psychic. I’m just very intuitive and sensitive to certain emotions.

Last night, Kevin had remarked on how emotional the game of hockey was. He even noted how emotional the game has been for me. Perhaps it’s the emotions I pick up in the Devils locker room or standing next to random players in the league that allows me to pick up on certain things that are not said.

Hockey is a very emotional game. From the wins to the defeats, we let our emotions run free. Parise has cried when Team USA lost. Jeremy Roenick has cried when the Chicago Blackhawks won. We cry because hockey is an emotional game. This is what passion is all about.

Listening to Weekes last night I realized something…we have a lot in common when it comes to the good fortunes that have come our way in life. We hold a lot of the same mantras and have had similar successes all because we were passionate about something in life. We found our paths in life.

This is that spiritual side of hockey that Eklund talks about. I can relate to many of the players in hockey that are living proof that they are on their paths in life. I talk about these things all of the time, especially on why people need to get on their path in life. You usually know who you are supposed to be when you are a child. You just know.

For Weekes, he wanted to be an NHL goaltender. When he grew up, he became an NHL goaltender. When I was a child, I knew I wanted to be a writer. To this day, I still remember writing my first sentence and being absolutely amazed that I wrote a story. Now, I write because it is my passion in life.

People that don’t understand this blog, it’s not meant for you. This blog is meant for those who understand or need some form of inspiration in their life.

This blog is not REPORTING the news. You want my articles on items that are reporting, I suggest you go to Inside Hockey, Fox Sports or

I understand that not everyone understands what I’m talking about. My friend tells me that sometimes when I’m giving him advice, he has no idea what I’m talking about. It takes him a couple of months to figure it out and then it’s like a lightbulb that clicks on and he says, “I get it now.”

He’s always remarked that I’m just on a higher plane than he is, and that’s a plane he’s trying to get to…or at least understand. It just takes a while for him to understand it all.

The reason why I talk about my friend is because I understand that not everyone understands what I’m talking about when I write. Some people get it, others don’t. Then a couple of months later those that don’t get it realize…oh, now I get it.

The way I look at it…no one is asking you to read this blog. Everyone has their own types of reading material they like to read. I don’t like sci fi books. I don’t read them. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to tell the next guy that they’re an idiot for reading them and then speak every ill word in existence about the author. It’s their choice to read it.

Granted, karma works wonders when people speak ill against someone that did nothing to them. Those people don’t care if they are causing harm to the other person…they just do it. The way karma works is that the person you spoke so ill of that caused you no harm whatsoever…the universe plays in their favor and they are left laughing at you in the end.

In this case, yeah…I’m laughing at all of the bloggers that wrote complete articles about me that spoke ill of me, and mocked me as if I was wrong. I didn’t do anything to them. I just sat back and waited for karma to take care of the ‘revenge’ part for me. Am I laughing now? Yep. I’m laughing alongside all of those fans that stuck up for me and kept telling the naysayers that they’re the ones that are going to be proven wrong.

I have a certain niche in this hockey realm of writing. In order for the hockey journalist to survive, you need to have your own niche. News can become boring when it’s the same news everywhere you look. I’m just providing hockey from a different view.

Did I plan it that way? No. It just evolved in that direction.

Believe it or not, whether you love this blog or hate it…it is ranked at #22 today out of all hockey websites. I am 2 points behind I am also the #1 ranked female hockey columnist…whether you like this blog or not.

I want to thank all of those fans of the blog for sticking up for me throughout the whole Kovalchuk saga. I’ve read what people have said…the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. One person had said something about how I may seem far fetched sometimes, but I’m always right.

In the case of Kovalchuk, I’m not going to do the I was right, you were wrong, because I don’t think that’s correct. Maybe an I told you so is warranted here (as one fan said I should do).

I put out there what the Kovalchuk camp said and wanted out there. I said it numerous times in many different ways. I even said numerous times who my sources were: Ilya and Jay. I’m not sure what more needed to be said beyond…God help ya if you don’t believe Ilya Kovalchuk when he says he wants to re-sign with the New Jersey Devils.

Think about it…I quoted the source you were looking for. I quoted him and his agent many times. It’s not about believing me. It’s about believing them. If you don’t believe them…I’m not quite sure what else needs to be said. People like to believe in lies before they’ll believe in the truth.

Those are the people I expect to NOT read this blog and to talk nasty about it. The ones who want the truth…those are the ones that have praised this blog, whether they agree with what I said or not.

I want to thank Eklund (like I did last night) for telling me (in the midst of my decision to start the Kovalchuk ban on any and all rumors that did not go along with what I was told by the Kovalchuk camp) that out of all of this, I needed to stick to my intuition. I needed to stick to what I knew.

My intuition said…Kovalchuk is a New Jersey Devil. I would be an idiot to not believe it.

Lesson here: trust your instincts. Your intuition is the most powerful tool you can have.

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