The NHL’s Blindside Hit

Before anyone asks, there is a blackout right now with the media talking to the Kovalchuk camp, the Devils camp, the NHL and the NHLPA regarding Kovalchuk’s contract.

The only thing I can tell you that is different than what the media has said is that the Kovalchuk camp was not aware on Tuesday evening that the contract would be rejected. Everyone was still on Cloud Nine at 7PM that night. It’s very likely that they found out at the same time as the rest of us did.

I can only say that the only thing that I don’t like about what is happening on Day 22 is that we have to sit here and pretend like Day 19 and Day 20 NEVER HAPPENED.

Why is that? Because everyone is all of a sudden back to the UFA…which team will Kovalchuk sign with saga.

I feel really bad for Ilya, his teammates and the Devils as a whole right now. Ilya picked his team. He wanted to spend the rest of his playing days in New Jersey with the New Jersey Devils. That was his choice.

His teammates were just as excited as he was that his decision was with the Devils.

Now, it would almost seem like Days 17-20 never even happened. Kings are back in. Rangers are in. San Jose is in. Just about every friggin team in the league is in AND the KHL. It’s like…what was the purpose of Day 19 and Day 20?

Truthfully, if the rest of the hockey realm is back on the Kovalchuk frenzy, let them be. I’m just waiting with the Devils and Kovalchuk’s camp to have this matter rectified with the NHL.

You see…people are acting like either Kovalchuk or the Devils did not come to terms. They did. It’s now a matter of getting acceptance from the NHL to approve what the Devils and Kovalchuk agreed upon.

Kovalchuk is a Devil. They only have to get through the snafu ‘legalities’ to make this marriage legal.

This wasn’t a celebrity wedding where they got married and had the marriage annulled in the same day because they didn’t want to be married to each other anymore. No, this falls under the…oops, the government says our marriage is not legal…let’s work on fixing that so it is legal.

Just because of the legal snafu, it doesn’t mean he’s back on the market…YET!

Based on everything I’ve heard, it’s like a bunch of puck bunnies dusted off their wedding gowns and showed up at his door screeching, “Oh no, pick me now that you’re single again and were never married!”

Do you get my drift? You roll your eyes at the sight and the thought because the truth is…he went through the process. You can consider him married to the Devils right now. They’re going to work this out.

Even if the contract is a no-go, don’t be surprised if he re-negotiates a whole new one with the Devils that will get the stamp of approval by the NHL.

Kovalchuk did not reject the Devils. The Devils did not reject him. It was the governing body that said…this isn’t legal. That, in itself, is different than Kovalchuk saying that he could not come to terms with the Devils, so he’s leaving. It doesn’t matter what team he went to…it was the NHL that said NO. He’d still have to work out a contract that would get the okay by the NHL.

Or he can just say ‘Fuck it’ and head to the KHL.

No matter what…hockey universe prepare for the 2012 lockout. I said before he even had a contract that Kovalchuk’s contract will be the apocalypse of it all. Ends up it was.

The NHL’s Blindside Hit

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