What If?

Is it just me or do you feel like something weird is going on with this whole Kovalchuk situation?

I’ve been reflecting the past couple of weeks on the Kovalchuk saga and I can’t help but shake that something very strange is going on. Why Kovalchuk’s contract? Why now?

Truthfully, my instinctual feeling is that the arbitrator will side with the NHL…even though precedence dictates that this contract is legal.

If that were to happen…

WHAT IF Kovalchuk decided to say ‘FUCK THIS…I’m going back home to Russia’? [Keep in mind…it wasn’t the Devils that rejected his contract, it was the NHL. When you keep in mind that it was the NHL that rejected his contract, no matter what type of deal he will try to get from any team in the NHL, the NHL will continue to reject that contract.]

I knew in June that no matter what Kovalchuk’s contract would end up being that it would be rejected. If that was a given to me, you should question the WHY’s surrounding it.

WHAT IF he headed to the KHL and signed with SKA St. Petersburg for lots of money for 17 years…never to return to the NHL?

Is it ironic that SKA is playing in the KHL vs. NHL game on October 4, 2010? Just how big of a game would the KHL vs. NHL game be if a disgruntled Kovalchuk was in that game?

It would not only be the game of the year, but it would be the game that could rival the Summit Series with Kovalchuk and his newfound hate for the NHL at the forefront of every international headline.

WHAT IF the KHL beat the NHL in that game? Would that all of a sudden make the KHL the league to turn to? Would thoughts of the Stanley Cup twinkling in the eyes of hockey players lose it’s shine? Would the KHL be the TOP DESTINATION for all hockey players?

While it may sound crazy, so does this whole Kovalchuk saga.

Losing Kovalchuk to the KHL is good news for the KHL…but I question what’s in it for the NHL to push Kovalchuk in that direction. Is this the Plan B for the KHL/NHL?

Think…and think hard on that one. Why would the NHL not try and make sure that Ilya Kovalchuk was secured permanently in the NHL knowing that something like rejecting his contract (and future ones) could push him out of this league? What did he do that was so atrocious that they don’t want him?

Or…the question should be…just how ‘valuable’ is Ilya Kovalchuk? Enough to sell him under the table to another league that couldn’t secure him on their own?

If Kovalchuk heads back to Mother Russia, fans…you have a right to be mad…actually, I’d be very mad if I were you.

Not only are NHL fans ripped of an incredible hockey player, but Devils fans and the Devils organization are completely screwed over. Thus the true stage to the hockey apocalypse would be set…and it was the Kovalchuk contract that would set the tone for the drama in 2012.

The media has been saying to each other that something is not right here. We’ve been saying it for some time now. Something foul is in the air. Even players and agents are saying the same thing (and it’s not their contract).

For the sake of the Devils and the NHL, it would be in the arbitrator’s best interests to side with Kovalchuk and the Devils. If Kovy and the Devils try again and the NHL rejects another contract…Kovy needs a team next month…KHL training begins now.

It would be a shame if the NHL allowed Kovy to head over to the KHL like this. I question why the NHL would be so careless as to let him leave the league. Something has to be in it for them. That, my dear reader, is what you should be questioning as well.

After all, it is in the league’s best interests to secure Kovalchuk for the remainder of his hockey career. They should understand that. Precedence dictates that his contract is legal. If they don’t like this part of the CBA, then they have 2 years to come up with closing that loophole in 2012. It is not within anyone’s best interests to challenge the CBA when the league has already established precedence with these crazy contracts.

No one likes them, but they exist…thanks to the NHL stamping them all with approval. That is what we call precedence.

So if the NHL allows him to leave, my main question to them will be: Have you sold your soul to the Devil lately?

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