On the Way Into Work This Morning…

Bettman on the Way To the Office
On the way into work this morning, I ran into NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman standing next to the deli by my office. Maybe it was the nasty, humid weather outside, but Mr. Bettman was in a foul mood.

It was a totally inopportune time to discuss Ilya Kovalchuk. After all, his hearing had just ended yesterday and everyone involved in the saga is tight-lipped.

But being the reader of emotions, I think the nasty weather just added to Mr. Bettman’s foul mood this morning. I sympathize with him, because his job is not an easy job. He carries the weight of the NHL and its future on his shoulders. That’s a huge weight for any one person to carry, because no matter what you do, you can’t please everybody.

Now, there are a few that say that Mr. Bettman is always in a foul mood. As many times as I’ve seen him, this was the first time I’ve ever seen him like this. Judging by what I saw, I think the Kovalchuk episode may already have a clear winner.

Cheer up, NHL. There are worse things to worry about…like the future of the Phoenix Coyotes, the economic recession and how it effects the NHL and its teams. Kovalchuk really should be the least of his worries. Or maybe it is…

[FYI, that’s the Commissioner in that photo I snapped this morning on the way into work. NHL office is across the street.]

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