An Educational Lesson Into the Meaning of Other Things

I’m sorry…but last night’s conversation was just too good to pass up. How could I not share this with those who missed it? Leave it to Brendan Shanahan to have me rolling with laughter for a good hour last night.

Mr. Shanahan, our trusted and true NHL VP, is in Toronto right now. While out and about last night, he tweeted a picture entitled: Red Rocket.

When I saw it, I’ll be honest, I was afraid to click on it because Red Rocket means one thing and one thing only to me. Imagine my relief when I saw this:

Picture by Brendan Shanahan

I couldn’t keep it in…I had to respond to Brendan.

@MichelleKenneth: I was afraid 2 look. Reminded me of South Park episode. Red Rocket means something else RT @NHLShanny Red Rocket.

Now, Shanny responding…this is where it gets good.

@NHLShanny: I’m lost. Honestly. What is the OTHER meaning of the Red Rocket?

Opening up a whole can of worms? Oh, yes, he did.

Here are the best of the best replies to that question:

@SoDustySaid: @NHLShanny ahhh i was wondering if anyone was going to call you out on that. you shouldn;t have asked.

@Yotesgurl: @NHLShanny honey you don’t want to know.

@IHATEZEBRAS: @NHLShanny Uh…… Cough, cough,cough…..

@MichelleKenneth: @NHLShanny Brendan, I can’t tweet it. Try to youtube Red Rocket and South Park. It’s a lil too vulgar 4 me 2 say 2 you.

@KaylaJ67: @NHLShanny you’re a hockey player and you don’t know? i thought you guys knew all the latest terms

@crazygirlemy: omg. @NHLShanny I’m so sorry I’m laughing my ass off.

@StoneDevil: @NHLShanny female perspective… Something guys don’t want to think about

@KryztofCapone: @NHLShanny never imagined a day where I would send this to a NHL superstar. but “red rocket” on southpark:

@acer023: @NHLShanny i was kinda scared to open that picture, wasn’t quite sure what I was gonna find. Haha…

@TheNorm41: I’m just going to keep quiet here. Ha. RT @NHLShanny I’m lost. Honestly. What is the OTHER meaning of the Red Rocket?

@cabeckham: @NHLShanny Hahahaha. Your innocence cracks me up. #Shanahanigans

@joshuabickert: @NHLShanny wow really Shanny??? LMFAO

@hawknut: I’ll take “Loaded Questions” for $1000, Alex. RT @NHLShanny I’m lost. Honestly. What is the OTHER meaning of the Red Rocket?


@Alex_Iosiovich: Cant wait to see this reaction. RT @MichelleKenneth Youtube Red Rocket-South Park. RT @NHLShanny What is the OTHER meaning of Red Rocket?

@hkygrl12: @NHLShanny you’re kidding, right? You’re a dude. You know this. I have faith in you, Shanny!

@MichelleKenneth: Think OTHER meaning of loaded but it’s only 1/2 answer RT @hawknut I’ll take “Loaded Questions” for $1000, Alex. @NHLShanny

And finally…he gets it…

@NHLShanny: Whoa! I’m sorry I asked. Toronto peeps called the TTC the red rocket WAY before south park. Thx.

But don’t think an NHLer wasn’t on Twitter last night and didn’t catch Brendan’s tweet. It was Erik Johnson from the St. Louis Blues that caught the tweet.

@erikjohnson6: @NHLShanny ask @debdenn , she will tell you! haha

To which I responded:

@MichelleKenneth: @erikjohnson6 Now come on…what woman could tell @NHLShanny with a straight face what it meant?

Seriously…don’t think Two Girls, One Cup didn’t come up in conversations somewhere throughout all of this. Thank God Shanny didn’t ask what that was.

Days like this, Mr. Shanahan, you really need to follow me on Twitter so you can DIRECT MESSAGE that kind of question to me without embarrassing yourself before all of Twitterdom. MAYBE…I would have answered that…or at least given you a website link to figure it out for yourself. Trust me, you would not become the first hockey player to DM a question to me that was a little embarrassing to ask.

For everyone else, if you’re like Shanny and have no idea what most of us THINK the term Red Rocket means, here’s the link to a South Park remix of what it actually is: South Park [Not suitable for children.]

Oh, and Mr. Shanahan, I highly advise watching South Park on a regular basis. It can be gross, obscene, and just appalling at times, but it will educate you on the meaning of everything in our present day culture. Just make sure the kids aren’t around when you do watch it.

Thanks for the laugh last night. I was still laughing when I woke up this morning.

[See, Brendan, I told you a blog post was coming…]

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