Hockey Fashion For the Ladies

When it comes to women and what to wear to hockey games, I usually stay away from this subject because I can’t show up to Prudential Center in a Devils t-shirt/jersey and a pair of jeans. I have to look professional, with the occasional jeans dress down on the weekends (but still with a nice sweater/shirt).

Even before I was a hockey writer, I didn’t show up in team related clothing. The second I did, don’t think Michael Nylander, then a New York Ranger, didn’t throw a fit on the ice (I was wearing Malkin’s name across my chest). Why the fit? Because I was their fan.

These days, if I go on the road secretly, I notice that the Devils don’t notice if I’m in the front row when I’m wearing a Devils baseball cap and a Devils shirt. They do recognize me if I’m in regular business clothing. So if I’m trying to go incognito because I want to take photos, I’ll wear the Devils clothing. When I don’t…they pose for the pictures (case in point, Paul Martin).

But as far as hockey clothing for women go, what I wear outside of the rink are just the basic tees that were made for men (in a smaller size). I usually do not buy what is in the women’s section. Every now and again, they may have a cute shirt, but I usually get it home and end up never wearing it. I feel more comfortable in the men’s clothing.

I don’t wear jerseys. I only buy nostalgia jerseys. I have only 3: David Beckham soccer jersey, 2002 Team Canada jersey signed by Brendan Shanahan (the year they won the gold), and Evgeni Malkin’s Metallurg jersey (Malkin in Russian on the back).

I usually do not wear these jerseys. It’s not me.

There is a campaign going on in protest of the latest clothing that the NHL is selling to women. For instance, the champagne jerseys are getting a huge NO from the ladies:

Why? Because it’s been bedazzled around the collar.

I also am not a fan of the backs of the new ladies champagne jerseys. Very Elvis-like. I keep looking for the fringe to come down from underneath the arms.

There are also the midriff tube tops out there that I saw in the Rangers catalog months ago that even I said…if a woman is stupid enough to wear that to a game, she deserves what’s coming to her…because it is 100% inappropriate to be worn to a hockey game.

If she wears it during the summer at non-hockey related events…it’s ok.

Why is it inappropriate at hockey games? Would you wear a mid-riff tube top in the middle of winter where the temperatures are extremely low? Mid-riff tops are only for nightclubs and the summer months.

Also, the perceived thought of a woman showing off skin during a hockey game is in an attempt to lure hockey players. THAT is not sexist. It’s just the truth. Unless you are an employed team dancer, etc. don’t show your belly in the middle of winter at a hockey game. You’d be on my FAUX PAS list. Dress appropriately, not stupidly.

[In all honesty, I thought the mid-riff top went out of style when Britney Spears stopped being the fashion icon of little girls.]

Alyssa Milano’s Touched By AM’s tube top does get a thumbs up from me, because of the length of the shirt, which makes it flattering for all women. If you wear it to a hockey game, you will need a sweater to go with it, because women generally freeze at hockey games! (I wear my down coat during the game…and I’m all the way up in the rafters).

So what exactly should women be wearing to hockey games?

For those who want jerseys, I think the NHL just needs to stick to either a unisex jersey, or the female version without the extra hardware. And NO PINK. Pink and lavendar is for little girls. Don’t make women wear them.

What do women want from their jerseys? Something respectable. Something that doesn’t draw too much attention to the fact that they are a woman, but doesn’t drown them out. Jerseys need a bit of an hour glass shape, but it still needs to look as close to a man’s jersey as it possibly can. Why? Because women want a man’s jersey, but they don’t have a man’s body, so they need a different fit.

If you want to sell a pink jersey to us, it better show that it’s because the profits are going to breast cancer research. Same with the lavendar jerseys…profits need to go to Hockey Fights Cancer. That way, women would be proud to wear the jerseys because the money is going to a good cause. Selling it to us without the charitable benefit…you’ll get the, “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?”

Now, I do like the Ice Flirt jersey. Would I wear one? No. It’s just not my style.

I’ll tell you what is or will be part of my Devils wardrobe:

Polo shirts for the golf course (I even have a Vancouver Canucks one because it came in Navy).

The Old Time Hockey Shirts to wear around the neighborhood:

To walk around in:

To do Yoga in:

To travel in (so far, this shirt has been represented in Greece and in London, and will be represented in Paris and Prague in October…maybe LA, Anaheim or San Jose too):

And how could I not add this to my evening purse collection?

That’s just from the online store.

Please note there are no pics of the Swarkovski crystal designs. I have only one friend that would even consider buying something like that. ONE friend. But she doesn’t care for hockey, so she won’t be buying.

What would I like to see? Well, I love the purse idea, but let’s talk about a different kind of purse. How about those recyclable shopping bags that everyone uses these days (made from cloth)? Or fabric or leather tote bags (because that little dinky purse is not going to hold my laptop)?

When it comes to the clothing…why not ask Stella McCartney for some help designing a line for women? She makes great athletic clothing. A designer name that women can relate to…you’re more likely to get fans stamp of approval.

Even checking out the designs from should give you an idea on what women want to wear when it comes to athletic clothing. I would wear a tennis dress with the team’s logo on it.

What about shoes? Throw in some heels (especially boots or rainboots) with the team logo on the bottom of the sole (think Christian Louboutin’s signature red…you see the bottom of the sole when women walk). Cute strappy shoes with the NJD logo on the bottom…I’m in. Simple rainboots with the tiny hint of the team’s logo…also a win (i.e. don’t go overboard and think the logo all over the place is fashionable…that phase is OUT)

The thing is…women love to shop. Most of us really love clothes. If you want to figure us out and how to make us all happy…do your research on OTHER distributor’s of women’s athletic clothing. is probably the best place to do that research. I love all of their clothes. It’s perfect for working out, lounging, and going out in. That’s what women want.

No two women are ever the same. We all have different styles. Walk across the street to the Gap…take a look around. There are a lot of different things in there that would strike almost every woman’s eye. A woman will always find what she was or was not looking for in Gap. We call this VARIETY.

The men have a lot of variety in what they can choose from in NHL clothing. The women…we have only a handful of items to choose from. That does need to change.

If the NHL doesn’t change the lack of variety, they’ll get these campaigns in protest of what the NHL expects us to wear each season. Women are trying to say they don’t want to be bedazzled or Swarovskid. We don’t want to show our mid-riffs in the middle of winter…or ever. We’re women, not little girls.

If the NHL doesn’t want to come across as ‘what they expect women to wear’ offer up more variety. Give us more options. Add a few big name designers that give reason to making the NHL look fashionable.

Give me better options on what to wear on the red carpet, because if it ain’t fly from the start, I have to dress it up…that means that Devils or Ovechkin t-shirt, loses it’s place in the forefront of fashion and the Armani takes over.

Women want to show their NHL pride and look fashionable at the same time. No two women are alike…learn how to merchandise to us. There are people that want the plain, normal stuff…there are others that want something fashionable. Learn to merchandise to women!

I’ll be looking for those Devils tote bags in the future. Ask Kate Spade to design them. Thank you.

[Oh, and for the record…Buddy Oakes wears shorts, not capris. If you’re telling him he wears capris, you apparently have NO IDEA what capris are.]

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