The Return of Biz Nasty

Either Biz Nasty got word that he was missed in Twitterville, or he was missing the freedom to tweet up a storm. But word is out. The crazy Coyote announced on his Facebook that he’ll be back on Twitter this Wednesday (good news for Mike Commodore…he really missed him).

This comes at a great time for hockey players on Twitter.  They were trying to keep the homeless picture tweeting alive.  But it’s just not the same without Paul tweeting away and buying food for the homeless.  After all, he was starting a pop culture trend in hockeydom by encouraging people to buy food for the homeless.  He made the act of kindness look cool.

Danny Richmond (Toronto Maple Leafs) tried to keep the homeless tweeting alive when Biz Nasty first left Twitter, but ended up heading in my direction and tweeting about the worst dressed he’s come across in his travels (both are equally good topics, because I love getting a hockey player’s view on fashion.  Maybe next year, I’ll get Danny to join me in picking the Top 5 Best/Worst Dressed list.).

All in all, the hockey players missed Biz Nasty just as much as the fans did, even if Biz Nasty could be considered politically incorrect every now and again.  But either way, Paul seems very happy that he is out of Twitter prison and getting ready to rock the world of Twitter once again.

Moving on…

Since I’ll be starting off my season in Prague, I’m considering a Biz Nasty purchase (proceeds go to feed the homeless).  After all, I do like taking photos of the homeless in Europe.  I just find them to be more beautiful…more poetic.

Truthfully, I’ll probably end up with the politically incorrect shirt, just because of the Ilya Kovalchuk situation. 

Hey, gotta promote the Prague games somehow while I’m in Praha.  Although, I’ll probably only get to wear the shirt during practices.

But I’d like to know…since Paul has made the speedo his signature look, why hasn’t he started a whole speedo line?

You can order your Biz Nasty t-shirts at Sauce Hockey.

[Update: 10PM. Looks like Biz Nasty couldn’t wait to get on Twitter (boy, Commie is really happy). His new Twitter account is @BizNasty2point0]

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