NHL Leaves Future in NHLPA Hands

It’s not even 24 hours since the NHL and NHLPA announced that they would delay the decision on Kovalchuk’s contract. All day yesterday, in between waiting for the Kovalchuk update and listening to the Discovery Channel’s hostage situation, I was waiting for the NHL to lay their own bomb on all of us.

At 4:20PM, a delay isn’t a bomb.

Around 10PM, reading what the NHL told to the NHLPA, that was the bomb I was waiting for. NHL Leaves Future in NHLPA Hands

If the NHLPA doesn’t agree to new terms on the CBA, it will reject Kovalchuk’s contract and void Roberto Luongo’s contract! Not to mention the strong possibility of voiding Marian Hossa’s contract as well.

Of course, any intelligent person is thinking…what about Chris Pronger and Marc Savard?


Chris Pronger’s contract has been taken off of the block. Savard’s is still under investigation. His agent said today that if Marc’s contract is voided…they’re suing.

Good for them.

But back to Pronger. This is a WTF moment. Pronger’s was probably the second, possibly third most controversial contract up there. It takes him to the age of 42, yet he’s free and clear of any wrongdoing.

Insert all conspiracy theories there. Every single reporter with a clue is repeating it from the NY Post to Twitter. They really note the owner of the teams (Flyers & Bruins) not mentioned in the negotiation process with the NHLPA.

Throw in that Donald Fehr and his brother were still not voted in to the NHLPA. Simply, there has been no vote. Which means the NHLPA is still without a leader.

How are they supposed to decide on the matter with the NHL? I’m curious what Luongo has to say about his contract being voided as early as Friday.

Things are not looking up for the NHL/NHLPA this season. I think the KHL season is going to have to hire some English speaking commentators to call the games so we can get the hockey feeds in North America.

Oops…jumping the gun? Maybe. But if things keep getting worse and worse, I expect to hear that there’s a work stoppage any day now.

Oh, and on another note…Travis Zajac is not up on the block! The core players will not be moved to accomodate Kovalchuk (if, all goes well and he is a New Jersey Devil).

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