There He Goes…

Before I get started on what happened last night, I’m going to share my hockey horoscope for today:

My power today lies in defiance. We are willing to reject the sure thing or accept excommunication to try to make it on our own rather than endure the status quo or submit to conditions that assume we are invisible — in this, we have nothing to lose. We accept responsibility for the difficulties ahead and do not seek pity for having chosen against the grain. I am empowered by mutual support and my assets are self-worth, hope, and pride.

While I have gone on record as supporting Dan Ellis during the hell he went through these past few days from fans, I have received my share of nasty tweets for supporting him (just as many other supporters have).  Just to give all of you an idea on what he has had to endure (because many of my readers are hockey players and people that work within the NHL), here are some of the tweets he received (and still continues to receive after he closed his account).

For the record, if they tweeted it into the public realm, I don’t care about their privacy of the tweet.

@j_barty_party Perhaps @33dellis should work on keeping his skate (foot) inside the goal-mouth instead of planting it squarely in his proverbial one.

@Raedances  Worst part of @33dellis debacle? Knowing which bloggers attach themselves Human-Centipede-style to players. #yesIwentthere

@circlesky66 @33dellis don’t let he door hit ya…if you had apoligized right away u might have saved your ass. Too little, too late.

@1_michaeldeluca @PhillyGirl1437 @33dellis is a fucking drama queen. He’s certainly no @BizNasty2point0.

@DuncanKeith2 @33dellis stfu

@RJAndTheCity Drama queen. @33dellis

@FletchNation I support @wyshynski! Besides, now Ellis can use his ex-Twitter time to get a second job to pay all of his bills. #DanEllisProblems

@mlse @BlackAcesBlog Hmmm Nov 30 and Mar 14 Lightning in Toronto. Would kill for @MapleLeafs to do #DanEllisProblems on jumbotron.

@Jeffler RT @33DEllis: WAAAAHHHHH #DanEllisProblems

@blankspace6 Getting told to STFU and apologize by agent and TB Lightning #DanEllisProblems

@SensTown @33dellis so 2 days and 25 more jack ass comments later you’re suddenly sorry? or you want the media attention to go away #DanEllisProblems

@GeorgePrax Hey @walsha, you forgot to put agent fees in your list there. Add that to #DanEllisProblems

@AFaure521 Playing for the Tampa Bay Lightening, knowing that they won’t make the playoffs #DanEllisProblems

@dellis39 @julierobenhymer Lightning brass rejected my proposal to rename the team the Tampa Bay Dan Ellis #DanEllisProblems

@KyleBucket Kanye, I’m really happy for you, I’mma let you finish..but, @33dellis is the new Twitter whiner this year! #DanEllisProblems

@Fox1207 Whiny goalies who make 3 million dollars a season, complaining about money, #DanEllisproblems

@snowkitten35 I was reading back to the #DanEllisProblems twitter BURNS … Hilarity … that’s what you get when you tweet like an insensitive jackass

@KyleBucket Glad the jackass, @33dellis, didn’t come to Philly after his recent bitching. #DanEllisProblems

@number23_rob Not only dumb enough to say it and dumb enough to be surprised when people get ticked, dumb enough to not let it drop. #DanEllisProblems

@sbcvandy Selective memory of how big of a douche you and the things you say are @33dellis #DanEllisProblems

@popGeezer As we say here in Nashville, thank God n’Greyhound you’re gone! #DanEllisProblems

@NickRash_61 @danellis btw, I don’t even follow your monkey ass. #danellisproblems      [Should I point out the obvious on this one?  He isn’t even tweeting Dan Ellis and has no idea who he is. — MK]

@predsfanben *was* sean avery’s sloppy second, but only because he needed the money. #DanEllisProblems

I haven’t even been able to get to the original tweets that Dan received when he first tweeted about the 18% escrow. 

A lot of the people in the NHL that were able to read the tweets to Dan during the first 24 hours felt really bad for him.  He was being hammered by a lot of people because he couldn’t accurately explain what he was talking about.  Dan’s a goalie, not a writer.  Reading a lot of the tweets to him…only goes to show that there are a lot of ignorant people out there…just like he said.

Ignorant as in…they ignore the facts.  They ASSUME that hockey players have a certain type of life because it’s reported he makes millions.  That’s not how much players really make.  He was trying to talk about it before getting slammed. 

I made sure to include a tweet directed to Allan Walsh (agent to many Czech NHLers including Patrik Elias) who defended Dan.  Walsh was clearly restating and explaining a lot of the points that Dan’s supporters have said to EDUCATE the fans on what Dan is really talking about.

Here are a few tweets aimed at Walsh for defending Dan:

@So_Truculent @JeffMarek @walsha I do. Really. Nothing could ever make me tolerate someone buying a jag, house and wondering why they “worry about money”

@saint_georgia @33dellis Don’t flounce! It’s only Twitter! We’ll forget about it in 2 days time! It’s not like you’re an actual penis face like @walsha!

@puckinthenuts Oh God. Self proclaimed Social Conscience and now Deputy Dickhead.

See where fans get out of hand?  That was what they tweeted to an AGENT.  From what I’ve seen Dan tweet, he received a lot of similar personal insults.

Many of us, including Puck Daddy, draw the line at the personal insults.  Even reading what PD had to say about the issue, he was merely pointing out that the way Dan tweeted (not being clearly articulate with his thoughts when he tweeted…especially by not truly explaining what he was trying to say) was what made him a bad tweeter. 

Dan was trying to bring up a subject matter through Twitter that fans were unaware of…that 18% escrow, including how 2/3 of a player’s paycheck is not theirs.  They only receive 1/3 of their pay.  Throw in the state of the economy, relocation costs to a city that has a higher cost of living than Nashville, and he’s just voicing a frustration that many people are having.

Everyone has different financial situations.  There are many who don’t have jobs right now and haven’t been able to get a job in a year.  There are others that live paycheck to paycheck.  There are those who live on welfare or even at the poverty level.

There are those who are lucky…they still have a job.  They have health insurance, 401Ks and a steady wage.  But they also have that fear that tomorrow, they’ll be standing in line at the soup kitchen.  They fear that they won’t be able to make next month’s rent or mortgage, because there was a time when they could afford those things.

There are those that have food in their refrigerators.  There are those that are struggling to put food on their tables.

In this day and age, everyone is struggling financially.  Even the wealthy are struggling. 

I’ve watched over the past three years how the economy has changed.  It hits a certain group first and quickly…then it hits the next group and then the next and then the next.  Dan Ellis’ tweet should have been the sign to everyone that it’s hit his class.  You would think people would be more sympathetic, because he was trying to say that his financial outlook doesn’t look good.  Tomorrow, he could be without a job, just like everyone else.

Another lesson people should have learned was how the hockey community took an understanding to the situation.  Even though Mike Commodore was joking about sending Dan his old clothing, the sentiment was still there that he was willing to help out a brother in need.

There are many that understood what Dan was going through.  One day you have it all, the next, you realize you don’t have it all.  I’m sure we’ve all had buyer’s remorse.  We buy it one day, thinking we can afford it and find out a month later that maybe it wasn’t so wise to make that purchase.

Why do people believe that he is any different?

Hockey players are not rich people.  They’re just as lucky to have a job as the next guy.  Yes, in this day and age…you are lucky if you have a paying job…even luckier if you have benefits!

Getting back to the personal insults…at no time is it okay to say shit to people by personally insulting and attacking them, just because you didn’t like something that they said.  Calling him every single name in the book from douche to jackass, etc…do you kiss your mother with that mouth? 

If you don’t want people calling you by those names just because they didn’t like what you said, maybe you shouldn’t spew the hate so freely on others that did nothing to you.

Many people on this planet haven’t figured out that karma is real.  When you do bad things, it comes back at you ten times worse.  If you do good, it comes back to you 100 fold.  I understand that karma is real.  I wouldn’t have the amazing life that I have right now if I was embracing hate or pushing bad things into the universe. 

Even thinking bad thoughts about someone really upsets the balance in my universe and bad things happen…INSTANTLY.  It’s a quick reminder that karma exists and that I should change my thinking to good.  Good things happen right after that.

Hate is NEVER the answer and many of the Haters (NOT fans) have what’s coming to them.  Dan never did anything personally to them.  The universe works in the favor of victims.  The universe may tip in his favor so that he can have the last laugh.

This whole post is leading up to this thought…I am 100% in support of the NHL banning the use of Twitter by all NHL players.  The social experiment should end now.  Fans misused the privilege of being able to connect with players in the NHL.  That privilege should be taken away from them.

While I will miss talking to Danny Richmond (Toronto), Mike Commodore (Columbus) and most recently Rob Schremp (NYI), the hate the fans spewed shows that they do not deserve the privilege of interacting with NHL players in social media.

Managing their accounts?  Showing them how to accurately tweet?  It’s stupid.  The social experiment was designed to allow NHL fans to see into the minds/worlds of NHLers.  Instead, they have been faced with hate.  Even Biz Nasty got his share during the politically incorrect tweets regarding Kovalchuk.  But Biz Nasty is Biz Nasty.  He’s crazy, he tweets it and the fans eat it up.

How interesting that one fan said that the Biz Nasty communist/Kovalchuk/lap dances tweet (that forced him to tear down his first account) was hilarious, but what Dan Ellis had to say about 18% escrow and losing money hit a nerve…WHAT???

From what I’ve heard through the grapevine, Sean Avery deleted his Twitter account because he was tired of the hate tweets he was receiving.  And Sean never tweeted a single controversial thing.  Yet, fans would say, ‘what do you expect? He is hated throughout the league.’

That doesn’t justify anything.  Hate is hate.  No one has to tolerate it or take abuse from people that sit behind a computer screen and don’t have the balls to say it to the guys in person or to their faces.  As Adrian Dater (reporter covering the Colorado Avalanche) said, Dan was cyberbullied off of Twitter.

Just because these guys are celebrities, athletes, etc. it doesn’t mean that they’re not human.  They have feelings.  Words can hurt.

When Britney Spears was going through some of the toughest times in her life (losing custody of her boys, etc.), we’d sit there and read the comments people would leave on TMZ about her.  Yeah, Britney Spears sat through and read what people said about her…every single day.

I felt really bad for her.  People say the most horrible things about people they’ve never met and will probably never meet.  People think that it’s okay to spew hate against someone they don’t even know personally.  It’s not okay.  Eventually, those people you’re spewing hate about will read it.

The words do hurt, because first and foremost, they are human beings with feelings. 

Out of Dan’s 12,000 followers, there are many today that are saddened at the deleting of his account.  Who knows how many haters there were.  I find that a lot of times, the numbers are very small.  But the haters are the ones who rant the loudest and cut the deepest.  You never remember the good words, only the hurtful words.  So it was no surprise that the lovely hashtag #DanEllisProblems and the constant stupidity of tweets from fans who jumped the gun and ASSUMED he meant one thing, when they couldn’t be farther from the truth, caused Dan to delete his account.

For every single person that tweeted hate as he was releasing his goodbye, I blocked.  They can’t follow me anymore.  I don’t want those types of people rubbing their bad karma off on me.  They are a bad influence and caused pain towards someone.  Seriously, why follow him if you plan on hating on him?  Definitely not the type of person I ever want to follow me.

And if anyone passes this along to Dan, make sure that he knows that if he were to put in his old @33dellis into the Twitter search engine, he’d find the thousands upon thousands of fans that are not happy with how things went down…as in…they are belittling the haters who were so adamantly belittling Dan and his supporters.  The amount of love and hugs for Dan has flooded Twitter.  That’s why I couldn’t get to the original hate tweets.

The supporters are mighty.  The village idiots are much fewer than originally thought.

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