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So the nation is talking about Ines Sainz. Why? Because she’s accusing the NY Jets of sexual harassment.

While it is 100% unacceptable for anyone to sexually harass, this case may be a little bit different than your normal sexual harassment case.

Interestingly enough, she said this morning that nothing sexual was said to her by the Jets. They only commented to her that she was a pretty woman. Yet, she felt uncomfortable because they told her that.

Now, I’ve had similar comments made to me by hockey players, but it’s a compliment, not an effort to sexually harass. Considering a lot of these guys saw me prior to my surgery and then lose a bunch of weight, of course someone is going to say something.

Ironically enough, one of the Devils players said something to me that was so nice, it ended up in my book. Why? Because sometimes someone that’s down on themselves and can only think about their struggles to lose weight, need to hear that they look good by a random person of the opposite gender. It is a compliment.

But granted, I’m not showing up to work wearing suggestive clothing that screams SEX. I’ve never encountered a woman in the NHL locker room that thinks it is appropriate to wear clothing such as that of Ines Sainz.

There are a lot of women that are secretly thinking…great, Ines just f*cked us all. Why? Because now, we get comments like this:

“You know man, I think you put women reporters in the locker room in positions to see guys walking around naked, and you sit in the locker room with 53 guys, and all of the sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room, I think men are gonna tend to turn and look and want to say something to that woman. For the woman, I think they make it so much that you can’t interact and you can’t be involved with athletes, you can’t talk to these guys, you can’t interact with these guys.

“And I mean, you put a woman and you give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her. You know, somebody got to spark her interest, or she’s gonna want somebody. I don’t know what kind of woman won’t, if you get to go and look at 53 men’s packages. And you’re just sitting here, saying ‘Oh, none of this is attractive to me.’ I know you’re doing a job, but at the same time, the same way I’m gonna cut my eye if I see somebody worth talking to, I’m sure they do the same thing.”

That was from Clinton Portis of The Fan.

Ines, she’s not one of us. Why? Because our bosses have informed us what is inappropriate to wear to games and in the locker room. No cleavage. No revealing clothing. You must look professional, just like everyone else in the locker room. You must not draw attention to yourself as a woman. The only attention you must draw is that of a reporter.

If you want to be taken seriously in this business, you come in dressed like a professional. Sex is not part of the media professional dress code…unless you are in the sex business.

Considering the comments that Sainz said were made by the Jets, it would appear that this is an attempt to become famous stateside. She drew attention to the fact that the Jets players said she was a “pretty woman.” She said they did nothing sexual to her. They called her a pretty woman.

I’m sorry, but after what I’ve seen what she wears to the locker room, I can’t take her seriously, or her accusations. If you want to be taken seriously as a female sports reporter, you play the role, you follow the rules…including the dress code.

There are very few professional places of business that would find any of the clothing she has worn to work to be acceptable. The men wear suits and ties. They wear button up shirts. If we want to be seen as man’s equal in the locker room, we should not throw sex in everyone’s face.

As for the comments from Portis…I do find that offensive. A lot of men always ask me (including reporters) if I’m attracted to any of these naked men walking around in front of me. One of them has to spark my interest.

Seriously, seeing all the nakedness is normal. Most of us professionals are de-sensitized to it. We don’t even think about it. Why? Because we’re professionals trying to do a job. We’re not trying to get a date!

This tweet summed it all up for us female sports reporters:

@sbaicker: Hello, world! I’m a female reporter, and I assure you, looking at naked people isn’t in my job description

As for Ines, she does not represent the majority of female sports reporters out there. The majority of us show up to the job in professional clothing that does not bring attention to us as a sex object.

Some of us question whether her accusation against the Jets is accurate. She said they called her a “pretty woman.” She said that no sexual advances were made to her. So what exactly is her complaint against them?

Ines is a very beautiful woman and has probably one of the greatest derrieres in the universe (I almost questioned if they were real). But looking around at the way women were dressed in NYC today, not one single woman was dressed the way Ines was dressed.

There may be a cultural difference here. In Mexico, I’m sure it’s perfectly okay for her to dress that way. But in America, especially in the Northeast, that style of dress for work is frowned upon. Women, even the most fashionable divas of Vogue, do not dress that way to work.

There is a dress code for women to protect everyone from these types of situations. It was the duty of her employer to let her know what was acceptable forms of dress while covering American sports and what is absolutely not acceptable. Rule of thumb…look at what all of the other women in the room are wearing. If they’re not wearing skin tight, cleavage revealing clothing…it’s probably a HUGE sign that maybe you shouldn’t be wearing that type of clothing either.

Even turning on the television to see what women from ESPN, Versus, etc. are wearing would have also been a clue as to what is acceptable.

Women have made strides to make it into this business. Now, the ramifications of what one woman did has the world of men thinking…well, women shouldn’t be around men in the locker room. If that day were to come, thank Ines Sainz for ruining it all for us.

She’s on her own. She’ll find no support here. You show up looking like that, you have to take responsibility for what could happen when the majority of women around you, even in NYC, do not dress that way to work. We know what could happen if we dressed the wrong way.

Most of us would be fired if we showed up to work dressed like that.

As for the accusations she’s made…I question if this is all a ploy to make herself famous in America, because no one in America knew her name until now. Now, we know her as some sports reporter who has a nice ass.

Devils Get Whacked After Kovy Contract

While the NHL issued down its sanctions to the Devils, I don’t believe they are done yet. I printed out my handy copy of the CBA for a bit of light reading during the off-season.

No one in the media has been able to answer my question regarding Lou Lamoriello…if they were found to be circumventing the CBA, does this mean that Lou is no longer GM after this season?

Ends up, the rules state that Lou cannot be reinstated. But then Bloch said…

Yeah…it’s all confusing. An unbiased judge needs to be brought in on this matter. The way things stand now, and the way the NHL has communicated, this may be Lou’s last season.

Devils Get Whacked

Devils Charity Golf Tournament

Tomorrow is the Devils annual charity golf tournament. This will be the first time that I’m attending the golf tournament. This is also the first time the Devils have given me the green light in taking photographs…so there will be a bunch of photos this week from the outing.

More will follow later.

Sheldon Souray’s Future

In case you missed it, Sheldon Souray was not invited to Oilers Training Camp. Souray is expected to speak today about his latest falling out with the Oilers.

Back in June, Souray voiced very loudly that he did not want to remain with the Oilers, but if he had to, he would accept his role.

Moving a guy like Souray is tough. He’s not cheap. Teams have a hard time getting a guy like him under cap. He’s also not as young as he used to be…also throw in the fact that a hotter defenseman was (sort of) on the market…Tomas Kaberle.

But back in June, I talked to Souray about possibly coming back to the Devils. While he thought it might be crazy, he spoke about Jason Arnott coming back home. He also talked about what a great organization the Devils were, and how great of a guy Lou was.

Maybe it’s time to bring Souray back home to the Devils. Have the career run full circle like so many other former Devils that started their career in New Jersey and ended it there.

Granted, the Devils are over cap right now, but a trade for Souray could be an option. It takes the problem off of the Oilers hands, and the Devils lose some cap space. But the only way that this could work…Souray on re-entry waivers.

After all, I would think that the Oilers want Souray completely out of the Western Conference now.

On a side note, if Souray were to return to the Devils, I think he’s going to be a little creeped out that I said something to him about returning to the Devils back in June. To me, I just thought it would make sense, especially with Arnott coming back and this being the final years of Martin Brodeur’s legacy.

We are in need of a new defenseman…just saying.

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