Thursday’s Musings (9/16/10)

In other words…today’s musings is the director’s cut of what I didn’t write about for Inside Hockey.

Yesterday, I was up before dawn to be out the door at 6:40AM to head to the Upper Montclair Country Club for the Devils annual charity golf tournament.

Spending the entire day there, you learn a lot. It’s also nice to talk off the record with several players that have grown to appreciate this blog.

So I’m going to randomly talk about what happened out on the golf course while I was running around snapping photos of the Devils.

1. DAVID CLARKSON. Remember that practical joke that Martin Brodeur played on Clarky in this blog? You know…that whole putting him on the Worst Dressed list? I spoke to both Marty and Clarky about it.

Marty only commented that Clarky did call him after he found out he was on the Worst Dressed list, but the beloved goaltender didn’t want to tell me what Clarky said to him. But I could see the smile he was trying to hide back. Whatever was said, had to have been good.

So that left me to ask Clarky what happened.

David said that when he read that he was #3 on the worst dressed list and WHY, he said he was howling with laughter. He called Marty up right after that, still laughing hysterically over it. He told me that they play jokes on each other all of the time. This one was one of those moments that Marty let David find out for himself what he did.

What I was surprised to find out was that when Marty was telling me that David should be put on the worst dressed list, Clarky was actually in Vegas. He was there to hang out with Marty and a bunch of other guys that week. It all made sense to me after that why Marty thought of Clarky to put on the worst dressed.

Clarky is getting bounced from the list next season for the Devils worst dressed, because I found someone worse than him. You’ll find out next summer. ;)

I also bit my tongue when I saw David’s Puma shorts. Yeah…no…

Also, a rather peculiar thing happened right before I walked up to take photos of Clarky. Kevin Weekes text messaged him about a minute before I showed up. Weekes…such a psychic man.

I will say this though, Clarky was very excited to hear that I was heading on the Devils California Road Trip in October. This may be more fun than I originally thought. Maybe he’ll let me drag him shopping for a new wardrobe (on his dollar).

Zach Parise Sucks at Golf (c) 2010 Michelle Kenneth

2. ZACH PARISE. Zach Parise sucks at golf. You better believe I told him that.

Now, let me explain why.

I was heading back to my golf cart when all of a sudden I hear a crackling in the tree limbs over my head. I then realize…oh crap, there’s a golf ball falling through the trees.

Luckily, it fell a few feet behind me. I walked over to my cart and thought…that had to have been Parise. No one on the Devils (except Parise) would be that brave to launch a golf ball at my head.

I stood and waited for the golf carts to come over to my location. Lo and behold, it was Parise that launched that golf ball at my head.

When I asked Zach if that was his golf ball that almost hit my head, he confessed it was. He said he saw me on the sidelines and hit the ball towards me on purpose [so nice of him].

As we chatted away about various topics like the fact that is not his (they are working to have the site torn down) and that @zparise on Twitter is also not his Twitter account (even though it is very strange that the account follows me), it was finally his turn to step up and putt the ball. I won’t go into the dynamics of his bad form and the fact that my presence there was distracting him from his already bad golf game…but he sent the ball 2 yards away from the hole. Yeah…not sure how that happens.

GOLF IS NOT HIS GAME! He really sucks at it.

I guess he hasn’t figured out that golf is a lot like hockey.

As for golf ball #2 that was launched towards me…I still have yet to prove that was also Parise’s golf ball. Likelihood that golf ball #2 was his…I’d say 100% likely.

I did say he sucked at golf, right?

PL3 (c) 2010 Michelle Kenneth

3. PIERRE-LUC LETOURNEAU LEBLOND & ROD PELLEY. I had never spoken to PL3 before Wednesday. Ends up, he’s a really cool guy. I like this guy…and I don’t say that about too many hockey players I meet. He’s cool like David Clarkson cool.

While I was with Rod Pelley’s group, we ended up discussing PL3’s legendary fight last season with Cam Janssen.

What’s also funny is that Pelley and PL3 were making so many cracks at each other each time they ran into each other on the course.

I was amazed that PL3 and Rod Pelley were by far the subject of the most handsomest photos I took. I was very surprised at how photogenic they both were. Pelley’s photo that he posed for was absolutely gorgeous!

The irony in this is that Pelley is missing his two front teeth.

4. COLIN WHITE. I ended up running into Colin White’s group more times than any other group, so he has a bunch of photos (not all are on Flickr).

Watching Colin golf is interesting. He’s so tall. His size also means he doesn’t use a Driver. He uses one of the irons during the first 2 pars. I just stood there in amazement watching him.

He’s a pretty good golfer, even if he seems a bit rogueish on the course. His size on the golf course is intimidating because he’s so big as compared to the little, itty, bitty golf club. He’s just interesting to watch golf.

It’s like amending all of the rules in how to be a golfer just to accomodate his size.

I was in awe.

5. JAMIE LANGENBRUNNER. Where, oh where could our captain be? The hardest man to find on the golf course was Jamie Langenbrunner. I had to follow him to a couple of different spots on the course once I actually did find him.

Jamie Langenbrunner (c) 2010 Michelle Kenneth

Out of all of the golfers I saw that day, Jamie was by far the most serious golfer. I would have loved to take a sneak peak into his brain to listen to how he was strategizing his next move. I think it would have been interesting to hear what was going on through his head as he played his golf game…that is…as a golfer.

He looks like he approaches the game of golf like I do…embracing the complete mental part of what goes into this game and concentrating long and hard on the dynamics on what it takes to actually win the game.

6. JASON ARNOTT. This was the first time I ever got a glimpse of Jason Arnott.

After watching his group on the second par early in the morning, I walked away saying…wow, those guys are the best golfers out there. Ends up, his team won the tournament.

I have to say…those guys played like they were masters.

If his golf game is anything like his hockey, we’re in for some great hockey this season. Just wow!

7. MARTIN BRODEUR. While I already mentioned what happened with Clarky, my only comment about Marty…still…distinguished gentleman of the year.

Martin Brodeur (c) 2010 Michelle Kenneth

He was definitely the best dressed golfer, which probably wasn’t even his aim. But when you’ve got the knack for being the NHL’s most distinguished gentleman of the league, it just comes naturally.

I did find it funny though that when he arrived, he looked at the media, and walked right past us, acting like he could go incognito.

8. LOU LAMORIELLO. You know, I never know how I can take Mr. Lamoriello. Everyone always makes him out to be the guy you fear more than anything in the NHL…especially in Devils territory.

Even reading what Brodeur said about him in his book, and then hearing what the players say about him…and the press…I really feared Mr. Lamoriello.

But ends up…Lou looked surprised to see me at the golf tournament…a pleasant surprised.

There’s one question I wanted to ask Mr. Lamoriello, and that has to deal with the CBA and next season as his position as GM. I had to dig deeply for this information (i.e. read the CBA). It’s all confusing what’s happened with the Bloch ruling and then the sanctions, etc. So it appears that the NHL has definitely said that the Devils circumvented the CBA…which means Lou cannot be reinstated. But the whole “BLOCH SAID…” thing throws me for a loop.

I fielded the question with the Devils communication team first. I was told he probably would say “NO COMMENT.” But at the same time, I didn’t want Mr. Lamoriello to be mad if I asked the question. I also didn’t think he’d have time to explain the whole CBA thing to me as far as circumventing went and the future of his position.

He could easily say he was retiring after this season. BUT I don’t think he’d tell me that.

I will say though…Mr. Lamoriello is pretty cool. Someone made a comment about him not returning phone calls, etc. because he was too busy. Right then and there, his phone rang. He tried to hand the phone to the reporter and told him to answer it. It was rather amusing.

I considered taking it and answering it for them. LOL. But I’m not that brave.

After all, I have Lou to thank for giving me my first opportunity to cover his team.

9. ETC.

All in all, this golf tournament was a fun and interesting day. I got a little bit of sun (just a little). Got to take 126 photos. I found out who reads this blog (trust me, it’s so humbling to find these things out). I got to chat with a few of these guys that I’ve developed a good reputation with…as in, these are the guys that love to be interviewed by me.

I will say…part of me is a bit of a fan thinking…OMG…I’m sitting in between Ken Daneyko and Greg Adams! There’s that other part of me that thinks…wow…this is so cool. Grant Marshall is really cool.

And then there’s the other wow factor when you realize just who that guy is sitting next to you, and what he means to the organization.

I was surprised that only two women were golfing yesterday. With the over 150 men there to golf, it’s a bit sad that women have not embraced this activity more. It may seem boring, but I find it calm…and addicting.

After all, the majority of business in the world is conducted on the golf course. Just imagine all of the information I actually gained yesterday…AND NEVER PRINTED.

Hockey and golf, kids…hockey and golf.

And here’s the real story on what was discussed yesterday. DEVILS ON THE GREEN

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