BAN Drafted

Launy "The Schwartz" and Martin Brodeur at the NHL Awards 2010

You want to get on my bad side faster than you can realize you fucked up big time…you tell a lie to Canada that involves me.

A bunch of colleagues and I learned last night that a mutual friend Launy “The Schwartz” from was disqualified from the show “Drafted” on The Score. Why? Because of an alleged conversation that never took place between the Schwartz and a certain ‘media group.’

Launy and his wife were with me, Buddy Oakes (and his boys) and Ryan Porth (from Red Light District Hockey) the majority of the time in Las Vegas at the NHL Awards when the ‘alleged’ conversation took place.

This was the accusation made:

Greg Sansone, the vice president of television for the Score, and judge in the competition, said a friend and colleague of his was at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas, while I was also there to cover the event. This anonymous individual alleged that I went to a group of media and bragged that I made the top-10 for Drafted.

Group of media, huh? We’re that group of media he was with the majority of the time. There wasn’t any other group!

The accusation is completely false. READ THIS to get a full recap of The Schwartz’s Official Statement.  Everything Launy says in it is 100% accurate.  Buddy and I were both there.  We’re both saying the same thing.  The conversation that Launy is accused of having NEVER took place.

Here’s a good idea that we didn’t know what was going on with the Drafted results… 

1)  Throughout the summer, we encouraged people to vote for Launy and vote often.  We promoted him left and right.  If we knew he was even disqualified, do you think we’d encourage others to vote?

If we even knew he was in the top, do you think we would have voted or told people to vote?

2)  The only thing Launy even mentioned about Drafted was something that you could Google and find directly from The Score.  If he was a top contestant, the only way we knew was by voting for him…he was #1…the results showed up each and every time we voted for him.  And we voted often!

Don’t believe me that the results don’t show up?  Go to  Click on NO for Launy being treated unfairly…you’ll see the results right after that.  All of their polling was done that way. 

My beef with this show was the lie that they told.  This conversation never took place between The Schwartz or any of us ‘media group.’ 

You can’t just say media group and not think that the media group that Launy was with the entire time wouldn’t come out and say you lied.  

Everything in Launy’s press release is exactly how all of us remember the situation in Vegas.  The alleged conversation that took place with this ‘media group’ is a complete LIE as told by Drafted and The Score.

So the conspiracy theory here is that Launy was so popular that it was obvious he was winning the competition.  If you ever voted and saw the results, Launy always came in as #1 in the voting results.  There was a huge gap between #1 and #2. 

The only way they could have a real competition is to allow the ones that were #2 through ? (whatever the last number was), to compete against each other, instead of having Launy rule the entire competition. 

Talk about promoting mediocrity.

Either way, do I think Launy is the next best sportscaster in Canada…you bet your ass I do. The Schwartz – aspiring sportscaster

So with that kids, I recommend banning DRAFTED. They lied and made a huge lie. And yes, Buddy and I are pissed. Drafted alleged that Launy had a conversation with us that never even happened.  Of all things ethical, never hurt someone by making a false accusation and use the man’s friends as being the reason why he got shafted.  Poor taste…really.

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