A Tale of Two Brothers And More…

So much happens in less than 24 hours!

1.  A Tale of Two Brothers: The Sestito Brothers.  Kicking off the Tale of Two Brothers series is Tim and Tom Sestito, both prospects.  One is in the Devils system, the other is in the Blue Jackets system.  You can follow Tom on Twitter: @TomSestito.

The good news for Tim is that he’s on Albany’s squad.  How is that good news?  Well, you have to read the article to find out why.  I never thought I’d say it was a good thing for someone to not make the majors…yet.

But I appreciate Tim letting me in on some very happy news.

Next up on the Tale of Two Brothers series are the Clarkson brothers.  David had to retell his tale, but include his brother in it this time.

2.  Devils On The Road.  While I was planning my itinerary for Ireland, it occurred to me that I should do something Devils related while there.  In the travelogue for Ireland and Prague, the Devils will have some sort of representation there.

I already have one picture planned and mapped out in my head.  I know that person that will be represented out on the Giant’s Causeway is going to be really shocked that I’m doing this.

A former Devil will also be represented on the Cliffs of Moher.  Take a wild guess who that guy is.  [Would be crazy to go to Ireland and not represent an Irish hockey player, right?]

A star (or two) will be shining in Prague.  [Not too hard to figure out which one will definitely be represented.]

So I’ll be coming up with something unique for my travels this season.  Too bad Chuck the Duck’s not coming along.

On a side note, I did not know that the Boston Bruins were going to Ireland until this morning.  I only planned on seeing them in Prague with the Phoenix Coyotes.  My trip to Ireland is completely unrelated to their trip.

3.  Mike Mottau.   Hallelujah!  Mike Mottau has a contract.  Mottau inked a deal with the New York Islanders yesterday.  Good to see he’ll be back in action this season.  Just sorry to see it wasn’t with the Devils. 

4.  Mair and Taormina.  These two are my top picks to make the Devils squad this season.  Like I said from the beginning…just give Mair a contract already.  At least he’s proving why he should be given a contract. 

I love when players prove that I’m right about them.

5.  David Clarkson.  Because I know that I’ll probably be in another country when the big trade happens, if it is Clarky, you better believe I said goodbye to him last night.  He’s probably the only possibly effected Devil that I would really miss.

Why?  Because, when he was still in the minors, I remember watching him against the Hartford Wolfpack and thinking what a great player he was.  I was there to watch the Wolfpack, not to watch the Lowell Devils.  But Clarky, he made a big impact…especially when he blew a kiss to that insane Rangers fan sitting in front of me that would not shut up about him.

Seriously…Clarky was on his way off of the ice after the period was over and this guy would start yelling his name and beating on the glass.  If Clarky hadn’t blown that kiss and embarrassed the hell out of this guy, I would have taken the Clarky vs. Avery stance with this one.  He was giving me a headache!

But Clarky’s little kiss that dumbfounded this fan shut him up for the rest of the game.  That’s how I developed respect for Clarky.  After that trip to Hartford, I wrote up my list on who I expected to make it to the NHL.  Every single name (Callahan, Dubinsky and Clarkson) made it to the NHL squad that season.

[I think it was a season later that I was first welcomed into the Devils press box for the first time during the playoffs (2007-2008).  It was one of the most talked about Lamoriello moves in the NHL.  Not stuff fans would know, just the corporate guys and people that work within the NHL.  That move ended up in a nickname: Jersey Girl.  That’s how they referred to me the whole first two seasons.]

Later, interviewing Clarkson for the Goon With a Big Heart series…I’m not sure if it showed that I really knew a lot about Clarky.  He just filled in the blanks.  And then…he almost made me cry! 

Yes, when you read part two of the series, you need Kleenexes to get through it.  I almost cried because he almost cried.  What an interview that would have made if we both broke down into tears.

I had no idea that Clarky actually read this blog.  There are things he’s mentioned to me before like how he disagreed with my assessment on Colin Campbell (which he could have only read from this blog).  But I assumed no one reads this thing (and I still think that way…I write like no one is ever going to read this thing).  

It wasn’t until this past June that Marty Brodeur outed him (I didn’t realize Marty read this until the golf tournament a few weeks ago).

Yes, it’s true that Brodeur is one of my all-time favorite hockey players, but Clarky…he’s always been my favorite Devil for so many reasons.  He’s just that good guy in the locker room that makes hockey such a great game.

I think the reason why he’s my favorite…beacause I was right about him all those years ago and he proves it on the ice every single chance he gets.

So if he’s the one to go, he’s definitely the one I wanted to say goodbye to.  He gave me one of the two greatest interviews I’ve ever done.

But hey, if he’s not the guy heading out…WOO HOO!  Hallelujah and AMEN.  :)

6.  Ilya Kovalchuk.  So I’ve noticed that I’ve gone the entire preseason without even talking to Ilya.  Anyone else notice that? 

I’m getting there.  I’ve just been more concerned with a different story: who’s making the squad.  Ilya…well, he’s the superstar.  He apparently made the squad, so his story does not concern me…yet.

When I return from Europe and we’ve started the new season, I’ll finally start the Kovalchuk interviews.  Yes, I said interviews.  There’s a story I’ve been wanting to do about Kovalchuk.  When I first talked to Jay Grossman about it, he said he’d have to talk to Ilya about it first because it’s a sensitive subject matter.

I’m not sure if Jay ever spoke to him about it, but I’m braving the waters to see if he’ll answer these questions for the ‘human’ perspective piece…you know…those stories about the players that everyone seems to love.  The story I’m looking for is the story he apparently won’t talk about, but maybe he will this time.

7.  Who’s the Better Fan?  One thing I can never stand to hear is the who’s the better fan argument.  The guy that buys seasons five rows from the ice or the guy that sits with the Crazies? 

While these two guys were arguing it out at the train station last night, I kept thinking…this is just like the blue seats vs the purple seats at Madison Square Garden…better yet…at every arena in North America.

The guys who can’t afford to buy tickets and sits in the nosebleeds, they feel like they are the diehard fans.  They think the ones that sit close to the ice are not fans.  They’re just some corporate guys that know nothing about the game.

So the question of who scored came up from the guy that sits close to the ice (he wasn’t at the game last night).  Crazies says Kovalchuk scored the gamewinner.  He wasn’t for sure who scored the first two goals.

I almost interjected right here as the debate on who was the better fan continued.  I thought to myself, if I don’t say I’m a hockey writer, how much of an idiot would these two guys think they were if some chick answered: Adam Mair scored the first goal on a deflection from David Clarkson, the second goal was a power play goal scored by Travis Zajac.

Two guys debating who’s a better fan…one can’t come up with the first two goals, but a woman can… 

This falls under the category of why I don’t date hockey fans.  My knowledge of hockey and what I see on the ice…scares the bejesus out of them.  Men like to feel like they know it all.  Sports is one of those major areas where men feel like they have to know more than a woman.  When a woman knows more than him…yeah…doesn’t jive well.

It’s easier when the guy doesn’t care about sports because then he doesn’t care if you have an expertise in that knowledge.  They don’t feel inferior.

 But to settle last night’s discussion on who was the better fan…apparently neither one of them were.  They’re just fans.  They better thank God that I didn’t tell them who scored the first two goals, because that really would have been a serious blow to both of their egos (especially if I never said I was a hockey writer).

Wait…does that make ME the better fan? :o

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