Tuesday’s Musings 10.19.10

Ooooh…I have lots to talk about today. ;)

1. Yesterday’s Musings 

I was rather surprised by the amount of responses I got from yesterday’s post…from the guys!  I don’t know if what I said kind of hit home with a lot of guys (especially the newly, back on the market men) or just the fact that I talked about the last few points.  A lot of guys were just amazed at what I talked about yesterday.

Maybe in a way, it’s nice to see that a woman understood how a guy felt about them…after she dumped them??? 

I don’t miss Josh.  He got married not so long ago.  

I am happy he found someone special.  I am also happy that he understood that it took me breaking his heart to make him into a better man.  I always said that I did it for him so that he could become a better man.  That’s why he thanked me for putting him in his place.  If I hadn’t, I don’t think he would have ever met that special someone he ended up marrying. 

Truthfully, when we were breaking up, he told me that I couldn’t leave him because I was the girl he was going to marry…and I’d be back.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I knew what would happen if I went back to him.  We’d have that white picket fence, a family, etc. but he would have been miserable…and he would have made me miserable.  It would have ended in divorce.

That’s how I knew he wasn’t the one.  He was someone else’s “ONE.”  He wasn’t mine.  But I’ll never forget how he loved me.  In a way, it’s comforting to know he felt so strongly.  At least I can look back and say that I was loved.  That was the whole point of yesterday’s musings.  Knowing you were loved…and when you are loved.

2.  Threesome?  :)

My third is coming home.  She called me from Korea this morning to tell me she’s ready to come back home. 

Starting off this hockey season, I’ve missed my dear Psycho Puck Lady (Katrina Cady).  It’s just not a hockey season without her.

So getting her back to North America requires getting her a job in Canada…or NYC if anyone is willing to give her a job.  I’d prefer NYC so the threesome can be in full force ALL OF THE TIME. 

So ESPN…sports related hockey realm…non-profits of NYC (or Toronto)…want a seasoned traveler that knows her hockey and knows North America (and Korea) from her wild Carmen Sandiego road trips across the country to visit every NHL arena in North America…hire Katrina. 

We want her out of Korea and back in North America!

Don’t think Nick and I won’t be making a trip or two up to Toronto to see our beloved third.  We miss her.

3.  WTF?

So while I was writing up today’s Rangers column, I took a look at the Eastern Conference standings.  I can’t tell you how weirded out I am to see that Toronto is #1…followed by the New York Islanders at #3. 

I was even in shock to see the Atlanta Thrashers and Tampa Bay Lightning in the top eight.

Then when you look at the bottom of the rankings…New York Rangers, Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils, Carolina Hurricanes…you’re left sitting there thinking…HUH?  How can this be?

It’s a total flip in rankings as compared to previous years.  Does it creep me out?  You better believe it does.

All I’m going to say is that my pick for the Stanley Cup this year (which former NHLer Enrico Ciccone loves hearing me say) is in the top 8 right now.  I just had that feeling I wanted to move there…which was an indicator last season of who would win the Cup.  This year’s choice city I really wanted to move to…Enrico said he’d help pack me up and move me if it meant a Stanley Cup win there. 

Well, my choice this year is in the top 8…and they are a WTF? kind of team in that top 8.

4.  Columns

I’m getting a little behind in posting up my Inside Hockey columns.  Here are the latest from the Devils and the Rangers.

Rangers Buried By Avalanche

Devils Break Down

Devils Find Themselves In Messy Situation

Note to Devils…please give me something good to write.  From the headlines above, you can see I need some happy news.

5.  ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!

So I’ve been asking around…what’s it like going on your team’s road trip?  I’ve gotten a lot of good reviews from the media, but the part that I didn’t like was when Joe Haggerty (Comcast) told me he only got 150 minutes of sleep last night and is on the road to Washington with the Bruins.

Yeah…I plan on sleeping somewhere in all of this. 

First stop for all of us is San Jose, California.  After that, we head down to Anaheim (where I meet up with the girls).  My friend and I are going to Disneyland (wooooohooooo!) on Friday.  I’ll head to the Ducks/Devils game that night.  On Saturday, we switch hotels to something closer to the Staples Center where the Devils face the Kings.

Of course, the girls and I will be at the beach most of the day on Saturday.  Sunday, I’m heading home, while the girls are staying on to celebrate Halloween.

Now, we’ve been going through the list of possible future road trips.  Looks like there will be another one in January for the TBL/FL games over the MLK weekend (Miami weekender).  In February, looks like it’s Montreal (because we’re going skiing the day before). 

It should make for an interesting season this year…because I’m going on the road a little bit more.  I haven’t gone on the road this much since 2006.  Been a while, but this is the first time post-op that I’ve started to feel better.  You have to do what you’ve got to do when and while you can.  Granted, it is probably a stretch to say I’m going skiing/snowboarding in February.  But can’t stop a girl from dreaming, right?

So be on the lookout as Marty the Duck takes on California next week.

Even though they asked me to go on to Vancouver and Chicago with them…the office needs me back. :(  Maybe next year to Vancouver/Chicago.

6. Female in the Locker Room

I’ve noticed lately that I tend to be the only woman in the locker room these days…in a lot of different places.  From the Phoenix Coyotes locker room to the Rangers locker room to the Colorado Avalanche.  Sometimes, I’m the only woman there…even in the Devils locker room.

In the last few years, I have never had attention brought to the fact that I was a woman in the locker room…not until last night. 

In order for a situation not to turn into a Jets fiasco, it would be wise for clubs to talk to their players about not drawing the kind of attention I received last night that led me to turn and walk right out of the locker room without a single quote before it turned into a Jets situation.

I wanted to avoid that type of fiasco, so I walked out…even though I could hear the players talking about me (very loudly) all the way to the other locker room.  That, in itself, was highly unprofessional of them to do. 

I’ve been in a lot of different locker rooms these past two years and I have never had that much attention drawn to me just because I walked into the room.  The interview I needed to get, I didn’t get.  Then again, I didn’t care after that.

This is the first club that’s ever done this to me.  It will be the last.

All I’m asking is to be treated as a member of the press…not draw attention to the fact that I’m a woman with a press badge…a woman standing in the locker room.  I’m just a member of the press.

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