Stupidity Overdrive

Something tells me I’m going to be saying this a lot this season…

I was emailing with my editor last night what happened at the game that had me call a team out saying they were unprofessional.  I described the situation as this:  “[T]heir machismo testosterone kicked into stupidity overdrive.”

That’s going to be my line for the season because some other NHL player did something that falls under that line…

Wow, right?  Matthew Barnaby said that he received 4 games when he did that during his playing career.  Something tells me that Rypien could get more.  [5:00PM UPDATE:  Rypien was suspended indefintely by the NHL.  The league will hold a hearing to determine the length of his suspension.]

Which leads me to other machismo testosterone kicked into stupidity overdrive moments in the NHL (ironically, Brendan Shanahan made these clips as a New Jersey Devil)…

There was one clip I was viewing over the summer (that I can’t seem to find now) of Shanny climbing over the glass as a New Jersey Devil trying to get to the fans.  Even I sat there going…what is he doing???? 

Those were the early years.

Which…even more ironically…that incident involved Devils Coach John MacLean…

 Suspended by NHL for one game during 1987-88 season as a result of incident with fans during New Jersey’s Oct. 21, 1987, game in Pittsburgh. The exchange took place after the fans doused MacLean and Brendan Shanahan with beer while the two were sitting in the penalty box. Both MacLean and Shanahan attempted to climb over the glass to get at the fans. The glass was pulled down and broken during the incident. After review, the NHL eventually suspended both MacLean and Shanahan

Also of note is the clip of the Russian players leaving the game from the 1970s.  They say what happened in St. Petersburg the other week was revenge for what happened back in the 70s.  Most of those kids on the Hurricanes weren’t even born when that happened.

Then, of course, not so long ago James Wisniewski sent Sean Avery a message.

That’s not as bad as the stuff I hear the players around the league say about Avery.  It’s much, much worse…but along the same lines as the gesture made.

Revenge of the NHL player.  Just unbelievable at times.  Other times…it’s that machismo testosterone kicked into stupidity overdrive.

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