Monday’s Musings 10.25.10

1.  Michael Nylander.  Sad news coming out of Rochester, New York.  Michael Nylander’s career may be at its end.  After being delivered a legal hit from behind by Brendan Smith (Detroit Red Wings prospect), Nylander will undergo surgery for a broken vertebrae in his neck.  He will miss the entire season during the rehabilitation. 

Nylander was on loan to the Rochester Americans (Florida Panthers AHL affiliate).

My prayers will be with him and his family during this time.  I always enjoyed watching him center the Jagr-Straka line during his days with the New York Rangers.

2.  4:00 Trivia.  Trivia will return in November (when I’m not on the road).  I’ve been collecting possible prizes from the road trips.  Details will follow when I return from the California road trip.

4.  New Jersey Devils.  This may be disappointing to all fans, but if you want anything Devils related, you’re going to have to go to Inside Hockey. 

We’ve stepped into bizarro world, and I’m trying to keep one foot out of it because no one can accurately pinpoint what’s going on with this team…not even the players themselves.  There are more things wrong with this team than I can deliver in a fast food version of a synopsis.  An ‘in a nut shell’ response does not exist…because there’s no easy way to explain all of it.

The accurate way to explain everything…pull out a Food & Wine magazine, create a shopping list with every ingredient in every recipe in there, go to the store…and buy every single item.  How long are you in the grocery store?

Chances are that you will not find every single ingredient at the grocery store.  You’ll have to go to obscure places like Chinatown or the Wine Shoppe…or even go online to order a few of the ingredients.

In other words, you can’t go to one spot and figure out the recipe to success for the Devils.  You have to go to various different places in order to completely put everything together.  There is absolutely no easy way to do it…and there are no shortcuts.

Cooking from Food & Wine is not simple…just like cooking up a recipe for success for the Devils is not as simple as 1-2-3 ingredients.  Their situation is more complicated than that.

But if you can master every single recipe in Food & Wine…you’ll be amazed at what you cooked up.  Same goes for the Devils.

5.  California Road Trip.  Marty the Duck is sitting on top of the suitcase ready to go to California.  We embark on our adventure to San Jose, California on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, we head back to LAX to meet up with the girls and head up to Anaheim where we will do God knows what.

Friday is all about Disneyland up until it’s time to head to the arena to see the Anaheim Ducks.

Saturday, we’re down in SoCal, hitting up the beaches before the Kings game.

I’m more excited about going to Disneyland than anything else.  Disney just sent me the DVD of Beauty & The Beast recently.  It’s my all-time favorite Disney movie.  Smart, beautiful girl falls in love with a beast who is a handsome prince within.  *sigh*

Beauty & The Beast was the first film that ever got me to like Disney films.  Before then, I had seen all of the Disney flicks, but nothing struck me as an I LOVE THIS DISNEY MOVIE like Beauty & The Beast did.

Cinderelly Cinderelly…Snow White…Sleeping Beauty…The Sword in the Stone…all boring to me.  I didn’t like any of them.  But I think what I loved about Belle…her love of books.  That’s what made me love the movie.  She understands the heaven of walking into a room with books filled all the way to the ceiling.

She also knows what it’s like to be called “strange but special, the most peculiar mademoiselle…”  She understood what it meant to say, “There must be more than this provincial life!”

For anyone coming from a small town in a cornfield and wanting to get out and see the world…Belle was that inspiration.

So enough about Disney…road trip begins in less than two days.

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