Devils Need To Get Back To Basics

I have always prided the fact that my professors of hockey are the New Jersey Devils.  Imagine being able to say that everything I understand about hockey today was taught to me by Martin Brodeur, Patrik Elias, John Madden and Jamie Langenbrunner.

Even the coaches have lended their words of wisdom to my understanding of hockey: Coach Lemaire, Coach Sutter and Coach MacLean.

But now the student has been going over their notes from these past few years and is sitting there thinking…wait…remember when you said this?  I thought that’s how Devils hockey was supposed to be played.

So that has now led me to this: Devils Need To Get Back To Basics

You know…you just gotta love Elias when he curses.  ;)  I don’t think anyone else in MSM wanted to repeat it…but it was just too good to leave out.

When I went back to listen to the feed from Friday, I didn’t think I’d find quotes on there to support today’s post…but it ends up Elias and Johan Hedberg provided me with what I was looking for.  I had to mull over what I felt was going on in that locker room because I’ve been getting…well, nothing out of it. 

But then I realized something…I’m too busy listening to the vets that I did not realize that the new guys are not adapting to the knowledge being bestowed upon us by the vets.  How do I know that?  Kovalchuk.  He’s not repeating the same words of wisdom…which means he’s not completely on board with the Devils ways.

Then the question became…has anyone taught him the new ways of Devils thinking?

I think it’s time to teach the new guys the Devils ways.  Stir up the Kool-Aid mix and get the new guys drinking it…because the new guys don’t have the tested and true ways ingrained in them..YET.  I can tell when I watch them play on the ice.  Tallinder, Mair and Kovalchuk all stick out like a sore thumb out there.  Time to sit the big jugs of Kool-Aid next to them and get them chugging it to the point they’re drunk off of it…or insert the IV.

Now, I have noticed that a few of the veterans have forgotten some of the mantras.  They need to be reminded that the best years have been about that intuitive feeling.  It’s been about that ‘magical’ feeling.  I know it exists. They know it exists.  But it takes the entire team to believe in it.

This is something I talked to John Madden about during my rookie year.  He was a firm believer in it, because he lifted two Stanley Cups with the Devils because of that magical feeling…that’s what made me a believer in Devils hockey.  They approached hockey the way I approach life.  But they know that if one person loses faith…the whole team crumbles.

Lately, this hasn’t been Devils hockey.  It’s time to return to the basics and teach the new guys the Devils way.

Read today’s Inside Hockey post to see what some of those Kool-Aid ingredients are.

Everyone needs a little bit of inspiration…I thought this was a very touching video.

and for today’s theme song…See The Man Without Fear…Come On, Come On, Come On…Dare…Devil.

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