Stand By Kovalchuk

I’m not a big fan of booing.  I’ve always found it to be tasteless and hurtful.  Fans forget that the person they’re booing is a human being with feelings.

In the case of Kovalchuk, fans need to be more encouraging.  He’s going through a rut right now…just like all hockey players do eventually.  This is his first major rut…and it has been extremely difficult for him.

When he has his own fans boo, it kicks his confidence down even more.  Sort of goes along with that saying, “Why don’t you just kick him while he’s down?” 

Make no mistake, Kovalchuk has been trying…maybe trying a little too hard.

But everyone knows that when a high amount of stress is placed on an individual’s need to perform, it can actually inhibit their performance.  Guys should know…when they’re stressed out, they can’t perform.  Stress is a wicked mind game and the only way out of it is to get rid of the stressors and worries that an individual places upon themselves.

One of the greatest things I’ve learned in these past years is that worrying and stressing out about things are fruitless.  There’s no point to it. 

You’ll get yourself sick over nothing most of the time, because in the end…whatever is going to happen is going to happen.  There’s no point in controlling every aspect of the situation when you can’t.  Just let it go…remain positive…don’t worry about it…just let nature take it’s course.

People that try to control every aspect of life are miserable when things don’t happen the way that they want them to.  We can’t control everything.  You just have to go with the flow.  That is the way life is…you can’t control it…you just have to go along for the ride (and enjoy every single second of it). 

For Kovalchuk, scoring goals comes naturally.  But when he’s so focused on the fact that he’s not able to score…well, the Devils way (as well as the positive thinking mantras) says you’re not going to score.  You have to let go of that thinking and think about scoring goals, not the inability.

You concentrate on the good you’re going to do…and the belief that you’re going to do it.  That’s how you get out of the rut!  That is the secret from bouncing back from defeat.  I talked about that in the last column for Inside Hockey.  When you believe, things will eventually come your way.

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In today’s column for IH, I had actually finished writing the column at the game last night.  But the situation with Kovalchuk and listening to Jamie Langenbrunner talk about it made me feel like I needed to write something more on Kovalchuk.

You can’t help but feel bad for the guy because he tries so hard and nothing’s happening.  Then throw on top of it all the way the fans treated him!  Jamie has no problems calling the fans out on this one…just like he did with the Kings fans.  He doesn’t agree with any of it…neither do I.

If you really want to help Kovalchuk get out of this rut…cheer him on and offer encouragement.  Make him believe in himself again…the goals will come naturally once again.

But all fans should read today’s column.  You can’t continue on your tirade without understanding what’s really happening.

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