Monday’s Musings 11.15.10

WOW.  I took the weekend off (my first in two months).  I come back on Monday only to have so many NHL controversies crop up all at once!

1.  Sean Avery vs. Edmonton Oilers.

Wow.  I was originally signed up to cover this game, but one of the other beat writers took the slot (I’m not complaining…I got the weekend off). 

My first thought was…what was Theo Peckham thinking?  Going after Avery as he was leaving the ice???  There’s not enough venom coming out of Avery’s mouth to sic a mongoose on him.  In other words, you ignore him.  Sure, that hit on Fraser warranted a beat down, but a brawl?  Come on…

That’s Avery being effective…getting under the skin of his opponent.  Avery 1, Oilers 0.  Better yet, the final score: Rangers 8, Oilers 2.

2.  Colin Campbell…

So part of me is smiling that I may finally get my wish.  Campbell is in some deep tomato soup right now.  Leave it to to unveil some emails that Campbell really doesn’t want out there about his thoughts on the officiating.

The other part of me that’s not smiling is that we get to take a look at how drama, drama, drama reeks behind closed doors at the NHL offices.  Excuse me, Colin Campbell’s office, especially as it relates to the officiating against his son.

You’ll be lucky if you can read the official emails (as the site has had one too many visitors and it can’t hold the capacity).  But here are a few stories that captured some of the emails…but the biggest comment of note by Campbell?  Where he called Savard the ‘biggest faker’.

Emails Leaked

What are these email really about?  Campbell trying to get a referee fired:

Court Case

Savard: A Fake Artist

This could be the end of the Campbell legacy.  :)

3.  And everyone thought Johnny Mac would be the first to go…

Ends up the Islanders fired their coach, Scott Gordon, today.  Jack Capuano has been selected as the interim head coach.  Capuano was the head coach for the Islanders minor league AHL affiliate: the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

4.  Kovalchuk Thinking Positive & Devils Getting Back To Basics.

I think my colleagues at Inside Hockey find it interesting that the article on the Devils needing to get back to basics turned into a different Devils by the next game.  That piece was an analytical piece on what I saw and what I thought needed to happen.

Kovalchuk started talking about thinking positive (it’s a sunnier day).  Brian Rolston started talking about how important it was for the team to get back to the basics (and it worked).  He even spoke about how they had the tools to make things happen, they only had to use them.

All of these terms…spoken after the write-up.  Just good to see that it worked.

I’ll admit that I was secretly praying that Kovalchuk would get the game winning goal to help boost his confidence…and get the fans back on his side again.  He said something after the game that I was really happy he said of the fans…

The Drought Is Finally OVER

5.  All I Want For Christmas.

While there are a couple of guys on the Devils that could say all they want for Christmas are their two front teeth…All I Want For Christmas is something Brian Rolston recently purchased: Magnetic Table Hockey

Rolston got his on the cheap…$2500 at the NJD Golf Tournament Auction.  Mine, on the other hand, I’d like the NJD on one side, NYR on the other side.  Henrik in goal, Marty in goal.  The return of Jaromir Jagr and Darius Kasparaitis (NYR).  I’m going to keep quiet as to which NJD I want. ;)

But alas…no matter how much I’d like this game, it will have to wait until the house is bought.  Right now, I have no room to put this game in my apartment…but it will be in the budget when I’m ready to buy my first home.  It will be my one stupid expense I’m allowed to make…just for the hell of it.

6.  Montreal’s Goon With a Big Heart…

Because I know that Buddy Oakes (Preds On the Glass) is going to tease me further about this, because this goes back to the first time we met at the NHL Awards in Vegas in 2009…

I found out today (thanks to Twitter’s recommendations) that Georges Laraque (@bgl27) is on Twitter. [Don’t worry…I had it validated by going to his website and saw that he did indeed have a Twitter account.]

I felt like an idiot for not knowing he had an account!

Since that interview back in 2009 in Las Vegas following the NHLPA meetings that had Georges advancing on Buddy (the youtube video is pretty hilarious), the only thing that calmed Georges down was my interjection.  He went from a ten on the anger scale to a zero in no time flat.

Since then, Buddy has teased me about it…calling Georges, ‘your buddy.’ 

So last season, I did an exclusive with Georges (after he swore off doing any media interviews).  Can you believe it took him a year to read Montreal’s Goon With the Big Heart?  That’s because I emailed it to him last year, but he warned me that he gets over 100 emails per day (so it got lost in the email shuffle). 

He read it today after I tweeted it to him.  Here’s his response to the article:

@bgl27: @MichelleKenneth wow just read it you’re a great writer and thanks for that article hopefully it’ll inspire some people

I went back to read the article…and you know what…I’m glad I did.  I’m always preaching why people should go green and such, but I forgot who actually got me started on that crusade…Georges Laraque! 

The story itself is a very inspiring story to read, especially as we go into the New Year and the holidays.  It’s always good to go back and read some inspirational classics…like Montreal’s Goon With the Big Heart.

Now, of course, since Buddy now sees me and Georges tweeting back and forth to each other…we’re back to the teasing again!  Need I remind him, Georges may have had a bout in Vegas IF I hadn’t distracted him!

7. Spartacus: Blood & Sand

I highly recommend this Showtime series to all in hockeydom.  I just saw the entire first season…I can’t believe the similarities between gladiators and hockey.

Even the similarities with the fans in gladiator times to today…so similar…from the way the fans rise up at a fight…to wanting the ‘star’ in every performance…just oddly similar. 

Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) stars…and some hot dude plays Spartacus. 

There’s a lot of sex and nakedness in every episode, but the storylines…just amazing.  [In other words, don’t let the kids watch it with you.]

Highly recommended.

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